MLS “Coming Soon” Updates

It’s been more than a year since we’ve introduced the “Coming Soon” status to assist members in complying with NAR’s Clear Cooperation policy requirements.

Based on member feedback the MLS Advisory Group has approved the following changes to improve user experience:

  • “Coming Soon” listings added to HAR.com agent mobile app – CS are only displayed to MLS subscribers and may be shared with your customers and clients via the app.  Consumers do not see Coming Soon listings when searching HAR.com.
  • “Coming Soon” listings automatically go to “Active” instead of “Withdrawn” after 21 days. – This change will fix an issue related to a Matrix DOM miscalculation when listings go from Coming Soon to Withdrawn and then to Active.
  • “Coming Soon” time limit raised from 14 to 21 days – This change will provide additional time for sellers with extensive repairs who are not ready to go Active within 14 days. If the property is not ready after 21 days it may be placed in Withdrawn status once it goes to Active status. If a property is available to be shown it should be in Active status.

The Matrix “Coming Soon” status is for use when a listing is under a valid listing agreement but not yet ready for showings or marketing to consumers on HAR.com (repairs, photos, staging, etc.).

  • Listings can stay in “Coming Soon” for up to 21 days and may be made Active by the listing agent at any time during those 21 days.
  • The listing will automatically go to “Active” status if the listing agent does not make it Active within 21 days.
  • Showings are NOT allowed while in the “Coming Soon” status; if it’s ready to show it should be in Active status.
  • “Coming Soon” listings are NOT displayed on HAR.com or sent to other portals.
  • You may place a “Coming Soon” sign on the property if it is listed in Matrix as either Coming Soon or Active within one business day. (NAR MLS Policy 8.0 requirement)
  • Days on Market (DOM) does not count or accumulate during “Coming Soon” status.
  • “Coming Soon” listings are available to MLS subscribers in Matrix search and emails and on the HAR.com agent app.
  • Photos are not required but can be added to “Coming Soon” listings.
  • Before you can save a listing as “Coming Soon” you must first fill in all required fields and save the listings as “Incomplete”.

Shawn Dauphine


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  • Does Coming Soon count against days on market for the listing?

    Is it okay to start marketing the home pictures via social media before putting into HAR Coming Soon or Active status?

    • Afshi, Days on Market does not accrue in the Coming Soon Status.

      It is ok; however, you must have the listing entered into the MLS (Coming Soon or Active) within one business day of any marketing.

  • If a coming soon listing receives an offer, site unseen, from another agent and the seller wants to accept, how do you handle this in MLS? Do you change status from Coming soon to Active Option?

  • Can a house that is in Coming Soon status be marketed for an Open House? I know when the house will have final repairs completed and house cleaned.

  • Roger Sturgell is right. 21 days is too long for a coming soon listing. The sellers should make their extensive repairs and then put the home on the market. This timeline, in my opinion, encourages agents to not put their sellers interests first and market the property to all cooperating brokers and agents in MLS. Instead, it encourages listing agents to sell the home themselves without allowing other brokers the opportunity to allow their buyers to make an offer.

  • Please clarify…. “You may place a “Coming Soon” sign on the property if it is listed in Matrix as either Coming Soon or Active within one business day.”
    “within one business day” of what?
    Does this mean you can have a sign on the Property for the period of the CS status???

      • Please clarify your answer. As I understand it… You stated that the CS rider & sign can only go up for one (1) day before it has to go Active…. You need to make clear that when you state that you can have it online for up to 21 days but the sign & CS rider can only go up 1 day prior. Am I understanding this correctly?

        • Coming Soon rider and sign can only go up for one (1) day before it has to be entered into the MLS to be compliant with the Clear Cooperation Policy. It can be in Coming Soon for up to 21 days and there is no time limit regarding the yard sign beyond the Clear Cooperation requirement.

  • Now if we can get agents to play by the rules. they will claim making repairs, pictures, staging etc. but it will be ready and they will use the coming soon to get an advantage on the market.


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