Please exercise caution when working with your clients! A female HAR member reported being assaulted by a male client on Sunday, July 18, during a listing consultation at her client’s house in the Canyon Lakes West subdivision in Cypress. Further, she stated that the suspect repeatedly blocked her efforts to leave and tried to physically restrain her. Fortunately, she was able to fight him off and escape. It is our understanding that authorities arrested the suspect and that he was allegedly charged with at least one count of kidnapping/unlawful restraint. However, he is reportedly out on bail.

Beyond the information above, HAR is not at liberty to identify either the accused or the victim at this point in the process.

David Mendel

Public Relations Manager


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  • everyone can join “public data” for a small fee. You can look up anybody there to see if they have a criminal record or sexual assault history, before you meet with them.

  • Any female Realtors with showings in the Cypress/Katy area feel free to contact me. If available I will gladly accompany you if you feel unsafe in the areas near me. God bless and be careful!

  • There’s a app called noonlight & it’s free to download !

    If you are in danger or feel unsafe keep your finger on the app. Once released if you don’t type in your code in they will call you & if no answer they will send the police. They offer additional features for a small fee.

  • That’s horrible! I show homes in that subdivision all the time. I always carry my weapon, along with my license to carry, to protect myself. Always take a male with you to open houses, showings, etc. They can wait in the car if you don’t want them to enter the premises with you, and that’s ok, it’s just knowing you have protection when you need it.

    Thank you for sharing this information with the public. It’s important that we are aware of these kinds of situations, it reminds us of all the precautions we really need to take when conducting real estate business.

  • I’m grateful that she was able to escape. This is a very scary situation with increasing assaults and violent crime rampant in our city. Thanks to HAR for sharing this information which prompts us to re-think our office policies and consider additional measures for the safety of our most valuable resources – our PEOPLE. Stay safe, and never feel bad for following your inner voice. If you have a hunch that something is strange, RESCHEDULE THE APPOINTMENT, consult your broker, and bring another person with you.

  • Anytime I uncomfortable about a showing, my husband accompanies me, and he let’s me work. I choose my life over my license. On other showings, he has the addresses that I’m showing and the routes I’ll be taking. And if I know he is not available to respond if I need him, I will forward the information to my teammates

  • The old school policy is have the client meet at the office, his ID will be copied and held in office. This may sway a suspect who will not bother to show up at the office.

  • Just curious… in situation like this is it possible to have your husband show up at a showing to the buyer or we as agents have to physically be there showing the property?

  • Always let your spouse or other family know where you are going. My husband has me text me who I am meeting and the address that I am at. You can also partner with another agent and let each other know where you are going and who you are meeting.

    • Rudy – I feel you, get her a marking pepper spray writing pen or canister. The canisters are at Academy. The pepper spray pens write and look like a real pen but contain pepper spray, they are online and Ebay. Plenty of videos on you tube on how to use pepper spray. Tell her to remember to always walk behind the client in tight quarters, carry the pen in her hand as if she is writing notes, and if he tries something – its spray time. Stay Safe

  • Colleagues – Go to Harris County public information website
    Click on Criminal and use date range ONLY mentioned in safety alert .
    look for the charge/s mentioned above.
    If there are several charges for this range date click on all of them, obtain address and use HAR app to look up the address to find subdivision mentioned in safety alert .
    with some tv detective skills , internet and the available public information sites , you can find out almost anything these days .
    Also, go to Academy Sporting Goods and buy a pocket size canister of pepper spray with marking gel, or get an actual writing pen that has pepper spray …plenty of you tube videos on how to spray an attacker without accidentally spraying yourself .
    Stay Vigilant …

    • Sonny. I tried several times on this site and it says to sign in and put a password and when I did that it would not let me in…It is a shame the info is not shared after a valid arrest on a sexual assault because if I were a neighbor there, I would like to be warned and especially if I had young girls. I know he has not been convicted, but If you have a trick to get into this site, please share. I have listed there often and done numerous open houses. But anyone who is inclined to do this, could do it anywhere.

    • The area in which this incident was reported is the Canyon Lakes West subdivision of Cypress. I’m afraid that HAR is not at liberty to identify the accused or the victim at this point in the process.

  • This is terrifying.

    We can take all the precautions in the world, but how do you avoid this one? You can’t meet a listing client in a public coffee shop. You have to see the house, for crying out loud. This is clearly not theoretical; this is caveman survival. I carry, but am completely cognizant that I can be disarmed in certain situations.

    Take a big person with you to a listing meeting in a private location.

    • Good idea. Yes, as women we are usually smaller than a male and they have the advantage of surprise. So scary. If your gut tells you something is wrong, listen to it. Cancel appt and bring someone or just cancel altogether.


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