ShowingSmart FAQs

• Currently in Alpha Testing Phase •

Q. What is ShowingSmart?

ShowingSmart is the staffed showing service that has been developed by our in house Technology Team as a program for members. It has been developed with significant input from members to make it the most valuable showing service in the market. It’s the smart way to schedule showings. I mean the word “smart” is even in the name!

Q. Who may use the ShowingSmart platform?

During the Alpha testing period, a select group of members will be testing the ShowingSmart program and providing feedback to make sure that it is ready for more members to utilize. Additionally, we need to make sure we have sufficient support in place to help with any phone requests or support needs. Once we reach the Beta testing period, we will open it up to all members.

Q. What is the timeline for the launch of the service?

The Alpha testing period began in May 2021. We anticipate that the Alpha testing phase will run through the end of the summer, but it will depend on how much feedback we receive and how quickly we can implement that feedback to make sure it is ready for Beta testing. We expect the Beta testing phase to run through at least the end of 2021

Q. How much does ShowingSmart cost?

Through the end of the Beta testing period, ShowingSmart will be provided for free. We anticipate beginning to charge for the service in early 2022. We do not know how much it will cost yet because we need to determine how much it is being used during the Beta period. If the majority of members use the online platform to add their listings and schedule showings instead of calling in to the staffed call center, then the cost will be lower since the largest cost is the staffed call center.

Once we have a better idea of the actual cost that will begin in early 2022, we will communicate that to all members as soon as possible so they may plan accordingly. We know that there are many different pricing models with other showing services, so our goal is to be priced lower than what most members are currently paying. Now, that’s smart! ShowingSmart!

Q. Do I have to activate all of my listings or can I only enter select listings for showings?

We know that many members may have already paid for a showing service for existing listings. You may only have one showing service for your listing at a time, so you may choose to move all of your existing listings over to the ShowingSmart platform, or you may choose to just activate individual listings—or just new listings. It is up to you.

Q. Does my entire brokerage have to use the platform, or can I just use it?

You may use the ShowingSmart platform regardless of whether your broker is using it or any other agents in your office…but they will hopefully want to use ShowingSmart once they see how easy it is to use.

However, we’re afraid your colleagues will have to remain green with envy…for now. During the Alpha test phase, only select members have access to the system to set up their listings and requests for showing feedback. However, once the Beta testing phase begins, all members will be encouraged to adopt the ShowingSmart platform.

Q. Is ShowingSmart only for Platinum subscribers?

ShowingSmart will be available to ALL members. However, if you are interested in joining the MLS Platinum program like more than 17,000 other members have, you may go to www.har.com/platinum to learn more today.

Q. Will Non-MLS Subscribers be able to schedule appointments via ShowingSmart?

No. Non-MLS Subscribers will need to contact the listing agent directly to schedule any appointments at this time.

Q. Will appraisers be able to schedule appointments via ShowingSmart?

Yes. Appraisers who are subscribers to the MLS will be able to make an appointment while the listing is in status A, OP, or PS. Once the listing changes to status P, you will need to contact the listing agent directly to schedule any appointments.

Q. Can I schedule an appointment on listings that are currently Pending?

No. Pending listings are not available for showing appointments. Any member may request an appointment for a listing serviced by ShowingSmart if the status of the listing is Active, Option Pending, or Pending Continue to Show.

Q. Can I schedule an appointment on a Coming Soon listing?

No. Under MLS rules, Coming Soon listings cannot be shown. Once a listing status changes to Active, that listing will be available for appointment scheduling.

Q. How do I enter a listing into the ShowingSmart service for showings?

You may watch this quick video to learn more about how to enter your listings.

Q. How do I schedule a showing if I want to do an agent preview or schedule a showing for a buyer who wants to see a listing that utilizes ShowingSmart?

You may watch this even quicker video to learn more about how to schedule a showing using ShowingSmart.

Q. Are there any additional videos or trainings I can watch to learn more about how to use ShowingSmart?

We will be scheduling a live webinar that will be recorded for easy playback at the beginning of the Beta testing phase. We will also have additional tutorial videos available once we reach the Beta period so that all aspects of the MLS integration have been incorporated. As we see the need for any additional training opportunities, we will certainly have them.

Q. How do I make a change to my showing instructions?

You may easily update any information in the showing by logging into the ShowingSmart platform and making any desired changes.

Q. Can I still schedule a showing through ShowingSmart even if the listing agent is using another showing service?

You may submit the showing request via the ShowingSmart platform but will be forwarded to that vendor to complete the request.

Q. Can I switch an active listing from another showing services to ShowingSmart?

Yes. If you would like to transfer management for showing appointments from another showing service to ShowingSmart, simply set up the listing in the ShowingSmart service and update the Appointment Desk Phone in Matrix to reflect the ShowingSmart phone number, 832-246-7469. You will also need to disable the listing with the prior showing service, otherwise showing agents will still be able to request appointments on your listing directly through the original showing service.

Q. Can I pause showings if I want to temporarily stop allowing them? 

You may use the Block Time feature to prevent showings from being scheduled for specific times of the day, complete days, or even longer.

Q. If I have feedback about how to improve ShowingSmart, who can I contact?

We are constantly improving all of our products, so we need to hear from you to make sure we have the best showing service in the market. Please email any suggestions or comments to feedback@showingsmart.com.

Q. If I need additional help or have questions, who can I contact?

ShowingSmart support is here to help. You may email us at support@showingsmart.com and someone will respond as quickly as possible.

Note: You must enable your listing in ShowingSmart in order for the “Request an Appointment” link in Matrix to launch the ShowingSmart platform and allow appointments to be scheduled.

If you enter the ShowingSmart phone number into Matrix but do not enable the listing in ShowingSmart, the system will not allow appointments to be scheduled for your listing.

If you enable your listing in ShowingSmart, regardless of the phone number entered in the “Phone Appt Desk” field in Matrix, the Request an Appointment link will link to the ShowingSmart platform.

Thank you for your interest in ShowingSmart! We couldn’t do it without you! No seriously…we need your listings, so enter them today!

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