Important Update from HAR

We know that many of you have heard that Zillow, which is now an HAR member/MLS subscriber, plans to acquire ShowingTime, which many of our members choose for their showing service. Remember that HAR has no relationship with ShowingTime other than it being a vendor for some of our members. You may choose to use them, any other service, or no service. That arrangement is between the member and your vendor.

That being said, HAR is committed to offering the best tools and services to our members. We currently offer Appointment Manager as a broker-level Platinum tool, and our plan is to continue to offer that service as part of Platinum.

A high-level team at HAR is working on a more robust, staffed showing service that would be a new product that agents could utilize for an additional fee (to be determined). This is our number one priority right now. We are still working on the details but hope to have more information soon. Know that we are constantly working for you!

If you are interested in Appointment Manager, you may visit: https://www.har.com/content/page/appointmentmanager for more information. We are also hosting a webinar on Thursday, February 18 from noon to 1:30 p.m. so you can see a demonstration and ask questions. You may register here: https://www.har.com/education/class_detail/46830.

We have had a huge response already, so make sure you register today. Please know that as soon as we have anything else to share, we will let you know. Otherwise, stay tuned…

Thank you for being an HAR member.

HAR Communications Dept.


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  • Can you resurrect CSS. We loved it. Efficient, effective and user friendly. Had all the bells and whistles needed without over doing it.

  • Zillow, Offer Pad, and other companies are becoming into our market and monopolizing activities i.e. sales via virtual offers, investors buying up homes in the 250K and below markets through out Houston and surrounding areas, how do we compete with that? We need HAR to have a strong presence in the Houston Market. More dues are being paid (last year increased considerably) we need the public to know we are here and informed and know the area better than the outsiders, we need you to be our voice.

  • The HAR appointment manager needs to improve if you expect many people to use it. It needs to be much more interactive and allow more immediate feedback as to the status of an appointment request (Go, Courtesy Appointment, or Appontment Required). As it is now, I must choose 2 different days for each appointment request (the 2 choices CANNOT be in the same day); most of us don’t block the time to show the same client houses on multiple days at a time. We show multiple clients multiple houses on multiple days. Similar features to Showing Time need to be in place.

  • I am looking forward to the Appointment Manager getting better and at par with Showing Time capabilities. Anything that HAR can do to upgrade it will help us today and in the long run. Thank you

    • I agree. I used CSS and still reluctantly using Showing Time due the Zillow factor. I hope HAR can improve Appointment Manager quickly, even if there isn’t a “call center” of sorts. Scheduling and approving showings with CSS/Showing Time electronically is great!

  • Centralized Showing Service aka CSS now Showing Time has been a great service
    for making appointments. Really hoping that HAR can come up with a product
    that will be similar. Not necessarily with all the new features that ST has,
    but as far as the ease of making appointments to show homes would be great!!

  • I am so glad that your doing this because big fish is eating the little ones,and taking over the industry little by little and its scary!!

  • I seem to receive appointment requests oy o I my email… Sometimes mid-day I am usually busy and don’t have time time to check my emails every hour. I even request agents to Call or text.

  • Thank you for always being ready to innovate on our behalf, without wasting any time. We are so fortunate to have HAR and its’ wonderful staff and leadership.


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