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(Click Here for Detailed, Step-by-Step Instructions)

  • Used for “live” streaming an open house event while agent is present at the listed property
  • Available by downloading the latest version of the HAR.com app
  • Agents can schedule a “Virtual” open house on the desktop or in the HAR.com app
  • Agents use the HAR.com app to “live” stream the virtual open house at the scheduled time
  • Consumers can view the live, virtual open house from their desktop or mobile devices
  • Download the Virtual Open House Checklist HERE.


• Gimbal/Stabilizer – Buy HERE
• LoveHandle – Buy HERE
• Lapel Mic – Buy HERE
• AirPods – Buy HERE 


Here are some good examples of Virtual Open Houses.  Click the image to view each VOH.


(Click here to get started)

  • This tool allows you to build 3D property tours using your own 3D images
  • Use any 3D camera you choose (image quality depends on the quality of camera used)
  • Available in the HAR Member Only Portal – (search “my listings” and select “Action” and then select “3D Gallery”)
  • Name and connect rooms into a tour so consumers can navigate through the property, zoom in and out, and pan up and down


• Selfie Stick/Tripod/Monopod – Buy HERE

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    • Julia, I checked and the issue is not the length of time. It’s that the system does now allow the uploading of pre-recorded videos. Virtual Open Houses (VOHs) must be captured as live events. A pre-recorded video is considered a listing video and there’s a separate place for uploading that in Matrix.

  • I’m excited about using this new member benefit tomorrow on my first virtual tour. I had been hoping to have a REALTOR that I often partner with do a virtual OH on another of my listings across town as well. I hope I am mistaken, but according to what I am reading, only members of the same firm can host for me on my listings. As an independent broker, this seems to put me at a disadvantage as compared to brokerages with multiple agents. Am I correct that I cannot allow anyone else to host for me?

  • How do I create a flyer to advertise my upcoming virtual open house. Tarqi mentioned some automatic flyers that’s created once virtual open house is set up.

  • How can we allow any agent (not in same brokerage) that want to do an VOH access? We work with multiple agents in other brokerages in different parts of Houston. Can it be set to give permission to anyone?

  • If another agent is doing the virtual showing other than the listing agent, do they have access to do the live showing?

    • We are actually launching Hosted Virtual Open Houses within HAR.com tomorrow (Friday, May 1). The hosting agent would have to be from your same firm, as only listings from your same brokerage will be accessible to them in the system. They would submit the Virtual Open House just as they would for their own listing, but it will ask for approval from the listing agent prior to displaying the Hosted Virtual Open House on HAR.com.

  • I see a lot of 3D banners on some listings. I clicked on one and it was regular video tour. How do I upload my video tour to get the 3D banner on my listing?

    • Can you please tell me the MLS#? Regular tours should not be getting the 3D banner. The only tours that should be getting this banner are tours that offer the 360-degree images. Please feel free to email me at MLSQA@har.com and make the attention to Nathan.

      Nathan Goble
      HAR Quality Assurance Manager

  • I am not able to click her for Details on the 3D Tour Build Desktop. Am I doing something wrong? Please help.

    • We updated the link to take you to the page where you would start to build your 3D tour. Once we have an instructional guide, we will post the link here as well. We are also working on video tutorials to help with all of these new virtual tools…and more are coming…

  • Sounds excellent. Looking forward to getting it set up and trying it out. Thanks for keeping everything up-to-date. What a wonderful thing to be a part of Houston real estate working with HAR

    • No. This is an HAR.com platform, so it will not be sent to the third party platforms at this time. We are working on updating our process to where you would be able to submit the Virtual Open Houses inside Matrix, which would then make them searchable by members inside Matrix as well as include them in the IDX feed that goes out to all of the sites on behalf of the broker.


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