REALTOR® HARASSMENT CONTINUES: Please Remain Vigilant This Holiday Season

While work schedules may slow down during the holidays, it is critical that you remain vigilant about your safety at all times. Since the early fall, HAR has received a steady stream of notifications from members that have been harassed by text message, phone call or both from local numbers, out-of-state numbers and blocked numbers. In most cases, the texts begin with a genuine inquiry into a property listing and they quickly turn inappropriate. Or the texter/caller will claim to have reached the female agent by mistake and then proceed to text advances to her. Often these texts will include photos of his genitalia or other body parts. The content is extremely disturbing. It is unclear if the person sending the harassing texts and/or placing the harassing calls is the same in each case or of there are multiple bad actors at work. We recently heard of cases in which the suspect asks to see rental properties in low traffic areas and then exposes himself to the agent. HAR has been and continues to assist law enforcement agencies as they investigate the various cases, which unfortunately show no sign of letting up.  

We appreciate that many members reach out to HAR to inform us that they have been contacted by the suspect(s) or have had some encounter. However, we cannot emphasize enough that the first call you need to make, if and when you are harassed, is to the local police department, whether that is the Houston Police Department (HPD), the Harris County Sherriff’s Office (HCSO) or authorities in Montgomery, Fort Bend or any other counties and jurisdictions across the greater Houston area. They have the authority to investigate and arrest.

HAR wants to ensure a safe holiday season and new year for all members, so acting quickly in calling the police and being able to provide evidence including phone numbers and screen captures are critical. If you wish to let us know about an investigation that has been started after you contacted the police, you may email HAR Public Relations Manager David Mendel at david.mendel@har.com.

David Mendel

Public Relations Manager


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  • Have them send a photo of their car and plate and send to you. Inform them this is precautionary for them as well, and the photo will be kept on file. Also, have they been prequed and if so do they have a copy of the letter they can send (company policy). Bottom line there are so many kooks today you have to be extra vigilant. Don’t be a victim by letting your guard down. The most believable should be scrutinized just as thoroughly as those you think are slow. Ted Bundy was smart and

  • if meeting someone at a property I’ve often asked for a description of their vehicle so I’ll know who I’m looking for. In the past I’ve also asked new prospects to meet me at the office at which time I would ask for ID to make a copy & start a file before leaving the office along with extra copies of the properties being shown.

  • I have received a message from “LEVI” asking for drinks & claiming this person wants to purchase a home for $900,000 cash. I have ran the phone number and comes back to another person who lives in SC not Silicon Valley, CA. Please stay alert.

  • Our office also has a process where if an agent calls the property desk and asks for the red file we call 911 and give them location and information on the agent.

  • One more reason to pre qualify all ccx callers before proceeding to even thinking about showing.
    A deterrent I use is i never go to the property until they call me to ket me know they are on their way. I then let them know how far out I am.
    I ket them know this is our security. Because if I come up missing they know who was the last person I met.
    Thet understand or never show.


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