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    • Hi Denise – HAR REALTOR Members spend hours interviewing and meeting with candidates to discuss real estate related issues such as flooding, property taxes, eminent domain and appraisals. REALTOR Members at all levels of the association make the candidate recommendations. HAR has several committees of Realtor Members who spend hours interviewing and vetting candidates. The HAR Board of Directors then reviews each recommendation and after that, state and national candidate recommendations are even sent to the state and national association level accordingly where REALTOR members then review them there before final approval also. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, you can find out more online at http://www.har.com/getinvolved.

      This list of HAR Recommended Candidates is to help provide our members with candidates who support real property rights, encourage homeownership, and a strong real estate industry. The list is merely for awareness of REALTOR Champion Candidates. The list is a recommendation and we encourage everyone to vote how they want as long as they are voting!

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