SAFETY ALERT: New Cases of Member Harassment

HAR members are reporting new cases of harassing calls, texts and emails from a man who uses a different name each time and often includes “you’re so sexy” in his messaging. The latest name he is apparently using is Jackson. Members have told us that the calls come in at all hours of the day and night, in some cases to multiple agents from the same brokerage, with no caller ID displayed. One agent reported receiving 19 calls in one night. They are from the 331 and 470 area codes and possibly others, all outside the Houston calling area.

HAR urges members to report any such harassment to Judith Delossantos in the Sex Crimes Division of the Harris County Constable’s Office at judith.delossantos@cn5.hctx.net or 832-927-6753. Your information could prove helpful in her investigation.

We still occasionally hear from members receiving calls from the infamous “foot fetish creep.” He, too, typically uses a blocked number with no displayed caller ID, which has made those cases harder to investigate. Nevertheless, we urge you to block those calls when possible and immediately call 911 to report them to your local police department.

Your safety comes first, and HAR urges you to act swiftly in reporting any such incidents. Please be sure to share this information with others.

David Mendel

Public Relations Manager


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  • Just recieved A text message from this Steven Hopkins wanting to buy a home. He said he’s paying cash it’s just didn’t feel right so I blocked him and started researching. And found this. So glad I followed my guts…

  • I just received a text from I believe Steven Hopkins guy . Phone number +1 (832) 785-0418 asking if still sell homes.

  • A harassment case has been open on Steven Hopkins; Case Number 2107-10281 with the Houston Sherriff’s. Please report your complaints and reference the above case. This man should not get away with putting us in a place of discomfort and fear. Please report him if he calls you so that the police understands the seriousness of this matter.

  • Reading all these post and the man you guys are talking about just reached out to me Stephen Hopkins ! Asked if I’m selling houses I said yes I’m a realtor said send me full name and email he sends me a picture of his dog! Then tells me he will be paying in cash from a will he’s getting money from ughhhhh! I blocked his number he gave me the creeps . He is still bugging ppl .

  • Hi:
    Just Reading all this cases. And I got a Message telling that I was pretty and he wants to know more form me and I just blocked him, I never answered the messages and blocked maybe because I blocked before answer a phone call. I am scary now, because this man is sick. Thank you for sharing .

  • I reported getting a message from a JACKSON on har chat list but did not receive any confirmation from the officer in charge. Surely there would be a way of finding out who these individuals are as they are signing up on HAR to sent message

  • I have also had a safety and harassment concern involving a creepy Man who goes by the name of Steven Hopkins.

    He first reached out to me with supposed interest with help finding a home. He claimed that he would be buying a home cash. He then began to send pictures of himself, his dog and his daughter and would avoid responding to questions pertaining to sending Identification and Proof of income. After he sent a text message stating the he chose me because I’m pretty, I told him that I felt uncomfortable and that I would not work with him.

    Now, almost a year later he has reached out to one of the agents on my team. She explained to me that she received a text from a man that said he found her on HAR. She felt uncomfortable by the interaction. I asked her to send me his phone number and email and it is the same guy with a slightly different email address but same phone number. Contact me for any details.

    I reached out to TREC but was informed that they could not do anything.

    Be aware and be safe!

    • Yeah he been doing this for a while now. I know 5 other agents and we all have similar stories and encounters with him. Just block him.

    • I have also received a call from this man back in July 2019 he said his name was Steven Hopkins. He reached out to me stating he found me on HAR and was interested in buying a home cash. He said he had just received his inheritance and was ready to start looking for new home for him and his dog. Then the next day he sent me pictures of his dog and would not stop. I asked to please send me a picture of his ID he completely ignored that and he kept sending me pictures of his dog.

  • I got these calls back in the early summer months. 2 days in a row, he would call, and start talking. in the beginning he would tell me he was looking for a house in a particular price range, and asked if i worked alone – my response was “no, I am a team member, why do you ask?” then he proceeds to start asking me personal questions like age, marital status, hair color – then I stopped him by asking him if he was a real client. I knew then that he was not. I hung up. He called back many times that evening, all the way until midnight – I finally just turned my phone off, because when I blocked one number, he started calling from another. Next day, it started again, so I kept blocking the numbers. He finally moved on and left me alone.

  • If you have an iPhone, you can block all calls that are not in your contacts. I finally started doing that out of sheer frustration over the sales calls I was receiving. My voicemail message apologizes to the caller for being sent to my voicemail, explains why, and makes light of the number of spam calls we all receive. New clients will leave a message. Sales people won’t, unless it’s a robocall and those are simple to delete in seconds.

    Go to Settings/Phone/Silence Unknown Callers and turn that to ON.

    Your phone never rings or at times, it does a half ring. Life is so much less stressful now.

    I may try TrapCall too as Sharon suggested to see how well that works on blocked calls.

  • I received a call from the foot fetish guy about a year ago. Caught me off guard. Thankfully it clicked quickly and I hung up on him and he never called back. Be safe out there!

  • I have been receiving calls consistently for the past 1 year day and night, close to 20 calls in every 24 hours. It does not give a number. It shows as ‘ private number’ or ‘unknown’. there is no way to block these. I called T-mobile and they said you have to change your number as we cannot block them either.
    I have an android phone. Any help will be appreciated.
    Thank you

  • For No Caller Id’s I use TrapCall thru Apple App Store. I also had the police come out and he was great. He called thru the police department to the number I had for the foot fetish man. And told him he knew what he was doing and it had better stop. I haven’t received a call so far. He asked me about the other caller that says “your sexy” and I told him I hadn’t gotten one of those and that he probably thought I wasn’t sexy enough. Lol

  • This happened to me the evening of 9/10/20 he called 13 times starting at 10:12 pm and and then again 6:57 am next morning 2 times and then the next evening 2 times. I had to turn off my phone to stop getting them. I have the AT&T app to block and that did not stop the calls. I filed a harrassment complaint with HPD and have a case #. If all the agents that receive them file a complaint, Major Assaults unit will take over. This is seriously interfering with our business and safety. I answered the first 2 times thinking he is just a sick harmless person. Then he becam beligerent and threatening. Then my husband answered 2 times. He just started calling more after that. He may be harmless, but are you really willing to wait and find out if he isn’t?

    • Patti, thank you for sharing this information. I’m sorry that you had to experience this. HAR urges EVERYONE to take these calls/threats seriously and report them to HPD or the police department serving their community. If law enforcement believes these are isolated cases as opposed to the widespread nature of them, it’s unlikely that anything will get done. They need to understand how persistent and menacing this suspect has been. Please stay safe!

      • Jackson just contacted me. Judith Delossantos’ email came back as undeliverable. Who do I need to contact with HAR and with the police?

        • Jaime, thanks for letting us know. This is actually the first such complaint HAR has received in quite some time. We have had a couple of members inform us of harassing calls from the “foot fetish creep” this month. As with those, we would urge you to capture any texts as possible evidence, save the phone number and immediately contact HPD (or other appropriate law enforcement jurisdiction for your location), if you haven’t already. It is also advisable to block that number.

  • Thank you! I received calls at midnight from a blocked caller Thursday night. 8 in a row… I finally answered and it was a man speaking low….I immediately hung up. This freaked me out, tried to research how to see the number but couldn’t figure it out! Reading this now really freaks me out!


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