Threatening Calls to REALTORS®

HAR urges all members, particularly female members, to beware of threatening phone calls coming from a man in the 331 area code. According to at least one complaint that we received, the caller claims to have drugged and raped female real estate agents and has texted graphic photos of his purported victims. He told one member that he likes to target REALTORS® because “it is easy for him to be alone in a house with them.”

Over the years, HAR has issued safety alerts about open house dangers, the “foot fetish creep” and other individuals who seem to make a practice of threatening and harassing real estate professionals – primarily women. As with all these threats, HAR urges you to immediately call 9-1-1 and report any such activity to your local police department. You may also contact Judith Delossantos in the Sex Crimes Division of the Harris County Constable’s Office at judith.delossantos@cn5.hctx.net or 832-927-6753. Safety must always be the top priority for all of us.

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David Mendel

David Mendel

Public Relations Manager

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