All CommercialExchange.com Features and Benefits Integrated into CommGate Membership

CommercialExchange.com was launched in 2019 to provide commercial real estate professionals access to a comprehensive national marketing platform that is seamlessly integrated with their local CIE. Commercial Gateway is cooperating with national technology provider Catylist Real Estate Software to integrate our local CommGate.com with the national CommercialExchange.com portal.

CommGate member listings are displayed on CommercialExchange.com at no additional cost.

The integration between the two sites is seamless. Listing data entered into CommGate.com by CIE members is instantly available for display on Commercial Exchange. CommGate members do not even have to log in to Commercial Exchange since all of the functionality and other features and benefits are built into the CommGate CIE.

Since its launch, CommercialExchange.com has become one of the nation’s leading commercial real estate websites. However, CommGate.com and CommercialExchange.com are complimentary sites that are not designed compete with each other. CommGate.com’s search-engine-optimization and user interface are optimized for brokers in the Texas region, while CommercialExchange.com is targeted at a national audience. Our cooperative agreements mean that CommGate members and their clients benefit from both sites.

Commercial Exchange and Commercial Gateway system are designed using the latest technologies that respond to whatever type of device is used. Desktops, phones, laptops and tablets can access displays that are optimized for their various screen sizes.

System Features

  • Receive leads from both CommGate and Commercial Exchange
  • Search quickly and efficiently using a Google map
  • Save searches and receive immediate property alerts
  • Generate presentation-ready PDF reports

Commercial Gateway and Commercial Exchange create an efficient marketplace that help real estate professionals promote their listings and get deals done.

Anthony Petry

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