Foot Fetish Creep is Back and Threatening Physical Harm

HAR has started receiving calls from several members alerting us to the return of the “foot fetish creep,” only this time saying that he is taking a threatening tone with the female agents he is calling. This man has been on and off HAR’s and law enforcement’s radar for several years. Sometimes identifying himself as Andy or Eddie when he calls, he starts out specifically requesting that a female agent show him a property, but then begins asking if she is wearing sandals or ever wears flip-flops and then requests more details about the footwear. He will then request that the agent remove her shoes and walk across the floor. In some cases he asks whether they have had a pedicure and to describe the nail polish.

Traditionally, he has targeted female agents whose photographs have been featured in ads in various print publications around the greater Houston area. Unlike previous cases when he would hang up if a male agent or spouse intercepted the call, he is now threatening physical harm, including sexual assault and death. So far, HAR has received reports of these threatening cases at a brokerage in Baytown and The Woodlands/Spring, and authorities are investigating.

It is virtually impossible to know when the “foot fetish creep” is calling because his calls display as “blocked” on most mobile phones. At least one brokerage invested in a special service that reveals blocked numbers and that aided police in an earlier investigation.

Fortunately no HAR members have ever been harmed by this individual, other than being subjected to his requests for descriptions of shoes and feet during the calls. To date, most REALTORS® either sense that something is wrong and hang up or he hasn’t shown up when they have actually scheduled a showing. The latter group has always taken a husband or boyfriend with them since they did still have an inkling that he was making unusual requests.

HAR urges you to contact your local police department should you receive a call from the “foot fetish creep.” The more complaints that law enforcement receives about this individual, the more likely it is that they can build a case and conduct an investigation that hopefully leads to an arrest.

HAR reminds you to ALWAYS make SAFETY your top priority!

HAR Communications Dept.


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  • I tell all to be very careful and be very smart as well! Don’t take any chances this is a law enforcement matter so just report it! If you don’t have a law enforcement background please just report the issue! Even when having a law enforcement background it would be wise to let local police departments know what’s going on. This could help take care of the matter sooner than later. Be safe and think smarter!

  • About a month ago this guy on contacted me via Facebook. We had a several mutual friends, most were realtors. He said he had friend moving to the area and gave me her email address & name. I reached out to them via email. Then he asked “Do you wear pointed toe shoes often to work”. Last message of course.


  • He called me several years ago and basically said the same thing to me. He kept calling me and I gave the phone to my husband (retired police sergeant) and Jimmy read him the riot acct and it didn’t bother him at all. He called back after that and I never answered the phone again.
    About two weeks after his last call I saw on HAR he was going to open houses and stealing things.. I knew it was him when they said he had a foot fetish. He was arrested . I think I read later that he was out and doing it again.
    I ran an ad in one of the Houston News Papers so I guess he got my phone number from the ad.

  • From here on out, if he asks anyone about feet or shoes.
    Just tell him you got corns and bunions and feet that smell like onions!
    Hopefully he will go on about his business.
    Please be safe out there.

  • This is scary! One idea would be if he calls anyone again, go ahead and schedule a showing and confirm what color and type vehicle he’s driving (make up what color and type vehicle you’re driving) so you can watch for him…then call the police to meet you there – set him up basically!

    • HAR recommends exercising extreme caution when dealing with this individual and allowing law enforcement to handle each complaint with their investigative expertise. In other words, we urge you not to arrange anything that potentially involves physical contact with the suspect.

  • I have the RE/MAX franchise in Bellville. I received several calls in November/December saying he wanted to buy a house in Katy. Quickly he started asking questions regarding my footwear and to go put flip flops on and walk around. He was very soft spoken and was angry when I asked him questions. I would hang up and he continued to call every 15-30 minutes. I did not answer after the second call. This happened on several occasions. I did not call HAR or the police but after reading the warning today, I am reporting to the police. Call came in Unknown Caller.

  • Oh, no! He called me and told my receptionist he got my information off of the internet. He wanted to know how old I was and if I wore sandals or flip flops? He told me he wanted to buy a house. Reception was bad and he said if I would go in my closet and put on sandals or flip flops I could hear him. Coincidentally, I was working in my closet and had flip flops on! I have more information but it has been 2 weeks. I called HAR but was on a Saturday and forgot to call when you opened on Monday. It was Saturday, 12/28 in between Christmas and New Years. We called Verizon and tried to block his calls. He called 15 times every 30 minutes as “Unknown Caller.” My receptionist got a number and name but neither checked out.





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