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“Reverse Prospecting” Feature Added to Matrix

A new feature has been added to Matrix that helps listing agents identify and communicate with other agents who have clients with search criteria that match their listing.  It’s called “Reverse Prospecting” and can be thought of as the opposite of buyers searching for listings.  Instead, it’s listings searching for matching buyers.

Reverse Prospecting is completely anonymous regarding your buyer’s information and listing agents are never provided your customer names or contact information.  The listing agent is only made aware of the agent’s identity, not their client.

Agents working with Potential Buyer(s):

Saved searches in Matrix are by default available for Reverse Prospecting and each contact is provided a unique Ref #.  If a listing agent contacts you, they will provide the contact Ref # for you to determine which Contact has a saved search matching their listing.  If you do not wish to receive inquiries from matching listings you may opt-out by unchecking the “Available for Reverse Prospect” checkbox in the Contact settings (My Matrix>Contacts).

Listing Agents:

To perform a Reverse Prospecting search, go to the “My Listings” screen (under the My Matrix tab), select the listing you want to Reverse Prospect and click the “Reverse Prospect” button at the bottom. The display will show you a list of agents with saved search criteria that match your listing. If you contact an agent, be sure to give them the numerical code (Ref #) from the display so they can easily find the matching search/customer.

NOTE: Reverse Prospecting is completely anonymous regarding your buyer’s information and listing agents are never provided your customer names or contact information.

48 thoughts on ““Reverse Prospecting” Feature Added to Matrix

  1. I absolutely love this feature, the only thing that I’d add to it to make it more user friendly is to have an email all button, or allow us to export the list as a CSV file so that we can keep in contact with these buyer’s agents in the event anything changes with out listings.

  2. There needs to be a switch to turn this obnoxious feature off. I get too much spam from other agents as it is. I will report all emails from this feature as SPAM. If my clients want to see a listing, they will. I don’t need to be bothered by listing agents about all the houses in my clients searches. If all listing agents start using this, I’m going to get hundreds of unwanted SPAM every day.

  3. hello, I think it’s a great tool. I have a question, how do i keep track of the contacts or messages I have sent to realtors? or is this something that I should do manually; I just don’t want to be messaging the same people over and over.


  4. I’ve already gotten some! Agents are on the ball! It also allows you to reply to the agent if you want to update the status of the search.

    1. Good Morning MM,
      We have adjusted the display to now show their preferred contact number. In some cases, this may still be the office phone number. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.

  5. NICE! : ) I like this tool. I would love love it, if there was a way to select multiple agents to send to at one time and have some kind of flag notification that says you’ve already sent tot hat agent.

  6. I’ve set my client’s search preferences and they already see the properties in the areas they want. If they don’t see what they want, we adjust the search parameters accordingly. I already receive 50 to 100 emails per day. 90% of those emails are ads, E-flyers etc. There needs to be a universal option to disable the reverse prospecting feature for all of your clients in addition to the individual setting for each client. Admittedly there are some that it would be beneficial to receive reverse prospecting. Give me the option to Opt-In for my individual clients. when I set them up as a contact with auto-emails. Having to go in and opt-out for each of the clients of my searchs is time and labor intensive and frankly frustrating.

  7. I’m so happy to see that this feature has been activated. I checked with HAR a while back and was told it was not being made available at that time to Houston agents. So happy that was changed! Thank you….Thank you 🙂

  8. This is awesome!! I am sending emails tonight!

    A couple of things to consider:
    A Select All Button to email all the agents at once but with merged fields to reference their particular client
    or Merge Client reference numbers into the subject line
    Being Able to sort by the envelope so you know if you have already emailed that agent.

    Other than that, I look forward to using it!

  9. Awesome feature. I just sent out 20 emails using this!! I wish it would put the reference number in the email for you instead of having to go back and get it though. Thank you!!

  10. Sounds great for both listing agents and buyer’s agents. Another way to try to match listings with buyers and a great tool for both sides. Buyer’s agents should never want to opt out of this.

  11. I have used this feature in another state for years so I’m glad HAR finally added it! But wouldn’t it make things easier to have a “Select All” feature to email all agents at once then to contact individually?

  12. Lets get the basic Matrix correct before venturing into new territory. Other agents please post your problems with the basic search so we can get it cleaned up and working fast and furious. Instead of us be furious because we have to google our own listings so we can find the mls number. LOL> I have over 80 rentals I manage. I like to refer back to my old ones for information. Like we used to be able to do on our own site. Well try that now. NO way. So I am forced to google my own listings to find the actual listing. Same way with trying to search for local listings, no longer a simple task. I have to google and look to Zillow for the listings in that area. Please let HAR know what a mess the matrix is, so we can do a simple search without having to be a tech guru. I have been doing real estate for over 43 years and can take a computer down and put it together. Help other agents get their systems back on line. But I can not do a simple search on Matrix.

  13. Has the functionality already been rolled out to all HAR memebers and Matrix users? I don’t see the the ‘Reverse Propsecting’ button at the bottom of my ‘My Listings’ view.

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