Activate Your Team Profile on HAR.com

Get Your Team Name Displayed on HAR.com and Matrix

Beginning in mid-September, agents working as a team will be able to set up a “Team Profile” on HAR.com and have their team name displayed on listings on HAR.com and Matrix.

Teams can also choose settings that allow team members to work on behalf of the team inside Matrix so emails sent from Matrix come from the team’s name.

Step 1: Broker Registers Team Name with TREC:

To display a team name on HAR.com the broker will need to register the team name with TREC.

  • Broker goes to www.trec.texas.gov and logs in; in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage
  • Click the license you want to update, and choose
    “Name Management Tool”
  • Add/Manage your names, and click “Confirm”
  • Note:  TREC requires the team name end with the word “team” or “group.”

Step 2: Activate Your Team Profile on HAR.com:

To set-up your HAR.com team profile, log into Matrix with the team lead’s account and select “Teams” from the “My Matrix” menu. Here the team lead can provide the team name and logo, add agents within their office and adjust display settings for what team member information is displayed on the team’s profile page.

The HAR.com Team Profile page will identify the team lead, members of the team and display the team member information you’ve selected in the team display settings such as listings, ratings and languages of team members.

Step 3: Set Your Matrix Team Sharing Permissions:

Inside the Team Profile settings, the team leader can set Matrix team member permissions that allow team members to “work on behalf” or “impersonate” the team when in Matrix. These settings allow all team members access to the team leader’s contacts, saved searches and the ability to add/edit the team lead’s listings. If “work on behalf” is selected, emails will come from the individual team member on behalf of the team. If “impersonate” is selected, emails will come directly from the “Team Name.”

TREC Team Name Rules:

  1. A team name may not include any terms that could mislead the public to believe think that the team is offering brokerage services independent from its sponsoring broker.
  2. A team name must end with the word “team” or “group.”
  3. Before an associated broker or a sales agent sponsored by a broker starts using a team name in an advertisement, the broker must register the name with the Commission on a form approved by the Commission.
  4. A broker must notify the Commission in writing not later than the 10th day after the date the associated broker or a sales agent sponsored by the broker stops using a team name.

Shawn Dauphine


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