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Investing in Your Career Just Got Easier

HAR TREPAC just made it easier for you to invest in your business with our new Text to Invest platform! It’s as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Text “HARTREPAC” to 41444.
  2. You’ll receive a text message. Follow the link in that text.
  3. Pick how much and how often you want to invest in TREPAC.
    • You have the option to do a one-time investment, or you can make scheduled payments weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
    • Note: For reoccurring payments, please indicate the amount you want to invest each (Example: $250 quarterly to equal $1,000 annually — Major Investor Level!)

It’s that simple.

If you do have any questions, you can always contact your friendly HAR TREPAC Department via our new e-mail address: trepac@har.com.  

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