Time is UP for Tempo

After a long and successful run, Tempo goes away for good today, Tuesday, November 14, making way for MATRIX. Below is a timeline for the transition and valuable resources to get your business moving in MATRIX.

  • Tuesday, Nov. 14 – Tempo is turned off.  Matrix is available in “Read Only” mode.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 14No listing add/edit during the transition day.
  • Incomplete listings WILL NOT be transferred from Tempo to Matrix.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15 – By 12 p.m., “Add/Edit” will be available in Matrix.

HAR has educational Matrix videos posted on our HAR TV YouTube channel.  You can now learn from home on your own schedule.

Click HERE to access these videos.

We have also added a recorded Matrix Overview class to the Video Tutorials playlist on our YouTube channel.

Click here for the video.

Shawn Dauphine


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  • My husband, THANK GOD!, is an IT man. Even HE says the documentation instructional manual is very hard to follow. He suggests getting a PROFESSIONAL DOCUMENTATION CURRICULUM DEVELOPER TO WRITE THE MANUAL so an average person could follow it. I PRAY you follow his advice.

  • I think live support from 7am to 12am for at least a month would be a great idea too! I would even pay an extra 5 bucks for the service. If every agent pitched in $1-$5 bucks for the month long live support, HAR would have more than enough money to cover the cost for a month to over a year of live support. Was this considered?

  • Are there any classes that are taught that we can bring and use our laptop. I took a couple of lecture classes with no handouts … a total waste of my time. Or instead of video teaching Can I download and print matrix tutorials?

  • Just want to say I’ve been through four courses. It is still not as clear as mud to me on how to do some of the more basic stuff.
    I’d like to have live support from 7am to midnight for the first month. I’m generally working matrix when I’m not on the road during business hours attending to clients.


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