Hepful Information: Insurance, FEMA, Repairs and Temporary Housing

Everyone at HAR.com is extremely saddened to see all of the devastation due to Hurricane Harvey that many of you and your loved ones are facing and by the challenges that we all have lying ahead. We have compiled information that we hope will help ease some of your burden during this difficult time. Please share this important information via email or post on social media for anyone you think might find it useful.

Information Overview
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  1. Call your insurance company and file a claim
  2. How to register with FEMA
  3. What you need to know before scheduling contractors and remediation companies to get bids on any repairs
  4. Apply for assistance from the Texas REALTORS® Disaster Relief Fund
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New Temporary Housing Section on HAR.com
HAR.com is in the process of building a website that will allow REALTORS®, individual property owners, landlords and property managers to post properties they are offering for temporary housing due to the immediate need of so many. These properties may include some available for reduced rent or even free, depending on the owner. If you would like to be notified when the temporary housing search has gone live click here to add yourself to the notification list.

During this trying time, know that HAR.com and our 73,000 REALTORS® across the state of Texas are here to help. If there’s one thing I know about the people of Texas, it’s that we are resilient and pull together in times of need.

With best wishes for a quick recovery,

Cindy Hamann
Chair of the Board

HAR Communications Dept.

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  • What is a remediation certificate? Does one need one to resell their flood damaged home? Realtors seem to be promoting this certification thing at a cost of thousands of dollars here in Kingwood and telling folks they will not be able to market their homes without one. The article sent out by HAR addressed this issue somewhat in it’s article on remediation tips recommended by AARP but we need clarification on this certificate thing . I am not aware of any government regulation to this and I don’t see how an industrial hygiene agency has the authority to state condition of homes for safety from mold.


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