Get the Facts on the New Texas Homeowner’s Insurance Law

During this stressful time, the last thing anyone who has suffered damage to their property needs is misinformation. You may have seen various things posted on social media and in news articles about the homeowner’s insurance law that goes into effect on September 1.

In an effort to clarify what this new law (HB 1774) actually does, TAR has drafted this statement (PDF), which is also posted here on the TAR blog.

Here are four key points to remember about the new law:

  • The legislation does not change the process for filing a property insurance claim, whether a claim is filed before or after September 1.
  • This legislation deals with how lawsuits arising from disputed claims are handled in court.
  • Claims relating to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are governed by federal law.
  • Claims relating to Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) policies are not subject to the provisions of this bill.

Video from Fox26 News:

Please share and help us get the word out to combat the inaccurate information.

Thank you, and your HAR family hopes you are all safe and secure.


HAR Communications Dept.

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