A Moment in HAR History…

“As a business owner and broker of a large brokerage (Heritage Texas Properties) and as HAR’s 1997 chair (the sixth woman to serve in the history of HAR), I witnessed first-hand the evolution of the most innovative member-centric REALTOR® association

Greg Hale at Vision 2000

in the country. Having been involved in the strategic long-range planning, I had the privilege of seeing leaders from around the country come to Houston to participate in “Vision 2000” which was the first event of its type in the country, opening the door for lifelong relationships with associations across the country and beyond to further the idea that HAR can provide and share stellar members tools, the finest education programs, and leadership in governmental affairs, protecting private property rights, growing the profitability of HAR members, and advancing their technology platform at low cost or no cost to ultimately serve the consumer with the latest leading-edge services. The “I can do anything” attitude I was inspired by in the ‘90s from HAR Chief Technology Officer Taqi Rizvi is still alive and well today – that anything is achievable. The collaboration with long-tenured staff members is akin to any Fortune 100 company. The customer experience is off the charts. Our company is stronger, more profitable, more innovative and more knowledgeable because of HAR and their unwavering focus on bringing value to its members. We are grateful to them.

Led by Bob Hale, an environment that encourages creative thinking and leadership has blossomed into the country’s most successful local association. I will add that doing battle on the floor of NAR with Bob Hale as our advocate is a memory I will not forget. He never loses sight of what is right, the rights of private property owners, and the value of a REALTOR®. His career as an attorney and CEO has opened every door for REALTORS® across the country to have a voice. Having been voted “Most Influential in Real Estate” in the country by NAR as well as “Innovator of the Year” by Inman News, it’s no wonder REALTORS® in Houston have access to the best of the best at HAR.

Happy 100th Anniversary, HAR! Call me if you need me to serve as chairman again. I would do it in a heartbeat!”

– Robin Mueck, 1997 Chair

HAR Communications Dept.

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