Looking Back Can Help Us Succeed In the Future

Greg Hale was a visionary. Even before video became ubiquitous in the real estate industry, he launched what would become HARTV, the facilities for which were just rebranded as the Greg Hale Studios in his honor. One of the favorite stories about the development of HARTV was when then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry came in to do an interview. Between takes, he leaned over to his communication director and said jokingly, “I’m the Governor of Texas, and I don’t even have something like this. Get working on that, please.” The HARTV studios were always a highlight of the tour when other REALTOR® associations from across the globe would come to find out how HAR does it. Now, they will see them fittingly displayed as the Greg Hale Studios, which are sure to continue to impress and provide valuable services to our association and members. You may read here about how HARTV came to be and about the dedication ceremony that was held last month in Greg’s memory.

We are only able to continue to be the best REALTOR® association in the country if our very best step up to the plate and serve. It is that time of year again when all who are interested in running for a seat on the HAR board of directors must apply. You may find the notification form here. I also encourage you to read the responsibilities of serving on the board because it isn’t just a resume builder; it is hard work. You may read about what is required here. It will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do in your professional life.

Each month, we seem to have at least a handful of members who have passed away. It’s one of the difficult things about having 36,000 members and having the extended REALTOR® family. Obviously, it is tragic when anyone dies, but I want to point out one in particular who served with grace and humility. Linda Cottar passed away at the age of 71 years old after a battle with breast cancer. She was a current member of the HAR Board of Directors and brought great leadership and insight into the boardroom. I was proud to call her friend, and she will be missed both personally and professionally. You may read her obituary here.

While some people may forget that we have a thriving commercial division of HAR, we have the most recent quarterly commercial real estate market research report here. The commercial market is showing some signs of strength and optimism, but options to lease are still abundant and likely to continue for the next two years or so. You may read here from the industry experts and find out how the office and industrial markets are expected to perform.

As the saying goes, those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it (paraphrased). In many cases, I think we would do well to repeat many of the successes that HAR has in our past. If you haven’t noticed, each month we are highlighting some memories from past presidents/chairs in recognition of this being the 100th year of HAR. You may read this month’s history here.

Until next month,

Cindy Hamann
HAR Chair of the Board

Cindy Hamann

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