Vote FOR Proposition 1

Election Day is Saturday, May 6.

Passing Houston Independent School District’s Proposition 1 is
crucial to ensure Houston schools have funding to help students thrive. If the Proposition fails, it could mean:

  • Letting politicians in Austin take our commercial property tax revenue
  • Losing critical funding for our already struggling school district
    Businesses paying higher tax rates than their neighbors may relocate from Houston

“Voting yes will keep more money in Houston’s schools while giving our leaders in Austin the leverage to change our state’s broken school funding system.”
– Houston Mayor Pro Tempore Ellen Cohen

Houston’s skyline not only inspires our future leaders, it also provides the critical funding our public schools need. Vote yes on HISD Prop 1 to ensure we keep the  funding necessary for our students here at home.”
– State Representative Jim Murphy

“Houston businesses want to do their part to help fund Houston’spublic schools. Voting for Prop 1 will keep it that way.”
– State Representative Sarah Davis



Dana Kervin

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