Spring Into Safety

Spring is here and HAR reminds members to always make safety your top priority during showings and open houses, especially at vacant listings. That means knowing your surroundings, using the buddy system and making sure a coworker, spouse, friend or relative knows where you are and that you have a charged cell phone in your possession that is turned on.

HAR has been informed of suspicious activity at vacant open houses that were held the weekends of March 18-19 and March 25-26 in the Humble/Atascocita subdivisions of The Groves, Eagle Springs and Summerwood.

Description as follows: “We have had someone show up stating he is an inspector, with no ID, business cards or signage on his vehicle.  He has attended four different vacant property open houses in our area.  He has been reported by a couple of REALTORS® as being tall, light complexion, Caucasian, black hair, with a very ‘creepy’ voice, drives a small silver/grayish SUV.”

Police are investigating. However, HAR is using this opportunity as a reminder to be vigilant at all times during your work as a REALTOR®. Safety first! ALWAYS!

David Mendel

David Mendel

Public Relations Manager


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  • He showed at mine on 4/1. Seemed to sit around outside a while before coming in. Was surprised to see another agent when he came in. Gave me the creeps. Offered candy. I told Lily he was the candy man. Showed up again yesterday. My husband had tagged along and had left to put up 2 extra signs and he popped in the front door calling my name. Definitely freaked me out. He kept looking around, while I inched closer to the door. I told him my husband would be right back. I walked out the front door telling him he’d be back any minute and that I was needing an item I had left in the car. He definitely was surprised when Jim showed up (later than I expected because he thought he’d just put additional signs out!), then the guys makes haste. Told me he has a meeting scheduled in May to meet with Michael Clapp and has scheduled it with Cindi at the front desk.

  • He’s checking the homes out to see where the exits are and if there is anything of value. He may also want to see if there is only one Realtor or several. Creepy.

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