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Call for Leaders in 2017

2017 HAR Leadership Opportunities

Volunteer for one of the many HAR advisory groups. Sign up today!

Log on to www.har.com/getinvolved
(Deadline is December 5, 2016.)

Advisory Groups
Bay Area
Fort Bend
Governmental Affairs
HAR Engage
Management Central
Montgomery County
Political Affairs
Professional Development
Professional Standards*
Risk Management
YPN – Young Professionals Network

Area Networking
Deer Park
Fort Bend
Great Northwest
Lake Houston
Montgomery County
290 Area Meeting

*TAR administers HAR Professional Standards, ethics and arbitration hearings held at HAR. HAR members who wish to participate in Professional Standards may sign up to serve on the TAR Professional Standards Committee (requires one year experience on a local professional standards committee). All members must, prior to service on a hearing panel or grievance tribunal, have had TAR Training, which may be met by attending a local association session sponsored by TAR.

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