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Did you know the greater Houston area is leading the way in what the rest of the country will look like in 20 to 30 years? As a REALTOR, you should be prepared to deal with the changing homebuyers and sellers in Houston. The HAR International Advisory Group has produced a full day program to help you navigate your way through global real estate. Dr. Ted C. Jones from Stewart Title will be our featured keynote speaker during lunch. Approved for 3 hours of CE. Lunch is included.

April 28
Registration at 9 a.m.
Class from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Post Oak Conference Center
$49 for HAR members • $59 for non-members


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  • why does har and the local newscasters always say Houston leads the country? The only thing they’ve lead was unemployment through 2012 at 260k and they call insurance sales jobs (which are mostly commission only) growth in the city’s employment. What the city needs is more housing being built at the 80-150k range. We need job growth for paid positions, not commission only, and a mayor that will deal with the 12.8 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. Houston’s Real Estate market has dropped 50% since 2014 with only 4600 closings a month…the prices of homes are increasing, but that is only because developers are not coming into the city to build new housing projects and the lack of supply is pushing the housing prices higher. The crime rate in Houston is nearly 3 times the national average and 2x the average for Texas. It’s hard to tell someone that is moving to Houston that midtown is a safe neighborhood, when it is high in crime as is Montrose.. Houston used to be a fun city, but it is now made up of elderly people trying to get 500k for a house they paid 50k for…and homes in the heights that are tear downs selling for the same price as a newly built home. Because a new construction home sells for 500k does not mean an 800 square foot home in the same area is worth 500k. More like 60k for the land and 20-30 thousand for the 800 square foot home. I mean it’s insane, you have a piece of land in river oaks with gates and driveway selling for 500k and someone in the heights is trying to sell a tear down for the same price. Of course, har was responsible for overstating home sales between 2009-2012 by 25%. Once in a while it might be nice to have someone in the city that is honest and trustworthy and not a spin doctor…


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