REALTORS® Storm the State Capital for “REALTOR® Lobby Day 2015!”

Approximately 2,500 REALTOR® and affiliate members from across the state of Texas gathered at the capital in Austin on Tuesday, April 14 for the 2015 REALTOR® Lobby Day.  This number included an 8 bus, 220 person delegation from the Greater Houston Area.

Click Here to view photos from REALTOR® Lobby Day.

Members including HAR and HAR TREPAC leadership visited with their state lawmakers on the following public policy issues:

  • Increasing the homestead exemption from $15,000 to 25% of the statewide median value.
  • Reducing the margins tax rate by 15%
  • Banning a real estate transfer fee in Texas
  • Opposing increased taxes on real estate
  • Opposing a tax on real estate services
  • Opposing the requirement to disclose sales-price information
  • Supporting laws to ensure HOA operations are transparent & consumer-friendly
  • Upholding the constitutional consumer protections related to home-equity lending
  • Supporting the passage of legislation to prevent bad-faith assertions of patent infringement in which a patent assertion entity or PAE seeks to extort a license fee by harassing businesses for purportedly infringing on a patent.
  • Clarifying TREC’s ability to set CE requirements and clarification to the administration and funding of the Real Estate Recovery Fund.
  • Mandating the use of Generally Accepted Appraisal Methods and Techniques to help address improper outcomes in appraisal protests due to a perceived lack of statutory guidance on equal and uniform provisions.
  • Opposing efforts to lower the current 10% appraisal cap because it creates inequities within the appraisal system.

Karen Driscoll

Director of TREPAC & Political Affairs


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