What’s Happening in 2015 – Read and Find Out

Coming off of a record year for home sales in the greater Houston area, it was somewhat inevitable that we would experience a return to a more normalized market. With continued low inventory and lower oil prices, the economists we surveyed expect sales to decline but prices to continue to grow. You may read our greater Houston real estate forecast to find out what to expect this year here. It will help you in your business and help your clients with expectations.

According to our member surveys, 79 percent of brokers believe there is someone in the business who shouldn’t be. That might not be entirely surprising, but HAR is trying to find a way to help by rolling out HAR REALTOR® Launch: Your Path to Success. This three-day intensive program will help new agents (or experienced ones if they just want a refresher) know what to do from contract to close. In an effort to keep the cost as low as possible, since most participants will not have any business yet, the program is priced at only $129. You may read more about it here.

The Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program (TRLP), which is an eight-month program, in which I have been honored to participate is being offered. I think you will find it one of the best uses of your time as you learn more about the community around you and how that can help your business. You may read more about these offerings and more here.

As a member who is active in both the residential and commercial markets, I always look forward to the annual commercial real estate forecast competition. Even though the event is scheduled for Friday the 13th of February, you will be lucky to attend. You may read more about how to purchase tickets and what will happen here.

There’s also the 2015 Commercial Outlook (here) that reflects the results of our Commercial Gateway’s market research. In a nutshell, the outlook is steady with the year ending at record levels. There are so many new projects under construction around the region that some joke that the official bird of the region should be the crane. Obviously, commercial and residential markets go hand in hand, so I encourage you to read this

While REALTOR® Lobby Day isn’t until April 14, now is the time to save the date. We need to come out in full force to show our state legislators the power of the REALTOR® voice in Texas. The website to register to attend will be available soon so look for future communications about that. You don’t want to “miss the bus.” Remember if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

Until next month,

Nancy Furst
HAR Chair of the Board


Nancy Furst

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