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  • I recently purchased a home which I remodeled and put on the market for rent. A rotted deck and a hot tub which, was not working, were removed. I put the property on MLS and right away got a lease from Florida from a man who had to rent a home immediately for this job. He said he had been to Houston and had not found one thing to lease, but this property filled the bill. After spending a lot of time preparing his lease, he called and said he had seen a hot tub on the property and the MLS listing which he had just pulled up did not show a hot tub, I told him the home had been totally remodeled and there was no hot tub. Turned out he had been on the internet with Zillow who still had pictures from previous years. In my opinion, Zillow and Trulia are definitely not a good places to search for a home. All their information is outdated, and some is just incorrect.


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