SCHEDing Light on Your BIG e Conference

With every conference, who’s speaking and the location normally have the most impact on whether you plan to attend for the first time. Your experience at the conference and a number of little things effect whether you will attend again. At the BIG e, we strive to offer the full spectrum from knock-out speakers to streamlining the event fit to your wants and needs.

One of the biggest needs at an event is to know what is going on, when it is occurring, and where it will be happening. Who speaks next in what room? How do I find the speaker notes? Are my friends attending this session? As an attendee at the BIG e, you will have all of this and more at your fingertips…literally. We have been using SCHED as our online planner for the past three years, and will be using it again this year. What does SCHED do you say?

SCHED allows you to:

  • Create your own schedule or personal agenda for the day
    • When you click on a class you can click on “Add to My Schedule” and it will automatically add it to your own personal schedule.
    • NOTE: This DOES NOT register you for the conference or for specific classes; it just creates a schedule for you to follow at the event.  You still need to register to attend.
  • View it in simple, expanded, grid, or by venue
  • Include an interactive calendar of events
  • View speaker presentations and notes on your tablet or smartphone
  • Syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook & Apple iCal
    • Instant offline access to your schedule
  • You can download it to your phone using the App.
  • See which of your friends are going to a specific class
  • Post your schedule on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Email your schedule to your friends – you can even email specific classes
  • Network with speakers, sponsors, and attendees before and during the event

SCHED also automatically syncs to your Eventbrite registration and automatically creates your personal profile for you for free! To use the Mobile Web App on any of your tablet or smartphones by bookmarking SCHED in your browser by visiting: http://2014harbigeconference.sched.org/ or go to the BIG e website schedule at http://thebige.har.com/program.

We highly recommend that you log into your SCHED account before you attend the event to get a quick view of how it works. No more need for the wasteful agendas that you inevitably leave on your chair. SCHED allows you to be green and gives you the ease of being mobile all at the same time.

Haven’t registered yet? Don’t miss out on the Early Bird pricing and register today!

Lori Carper

Lori Carper

Director of HAR Meetings & Events and HAR International

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