A Salute to Past HAR President David L. Stirton on a Life Well Lived

HAR lost extended family in June with the passing of 1958 Association President David L. Stirton. He was 89.

Stirton, who at 32, was the youngest president to serve in that position at that time, lived from June 24, 1925 until June 30, 2014. His father, John K. Stirton, had served as executive secretary in 1937 of what was then known as the Houston Board of REALTORS®. Both father and son went on to serve as presidents of the Texas Association of REALTORS®; they were the second father and son team to do so at that time.


In a 2010 interview with Houston REALTOR®, Stirton reflected on his days as HAR president:

“The association was approximately 1,000 members and we met at the Capanza Restaurant out at South Main Street where Greenbriar crosses Main,” said Stirton. “We had a typical attendance at our meetings of 200 to 400 people and one of our speakers that year was then-Mayor Louis Cutrer.”

He also shared his reflections of his father’s HAR days, 20 years earlier:

“During World War II, I think the board probably had 200 members and our office was on the ninth floor of the Second National Bank building at Main and Rusk. Dad had – and I remember running it – these metal plates, usually in two stacks, maybe a total of 200 that they would use to send out a monthly newsletter of the Houston Board of REALTORS® in that manner,” explained Stirton. “I think the office had moved there from the second or third floor the Crest Five and Dime store at Main and Capital and then we moved to Lamar and Louisiana, which was eventually torn down for the Hyatt hotel.”

More of that interview is available in HARConnect: http://hro.har.com/issue/october-2010/article/har-then-and-now

It’s quite possible that Stirton enjoyed life in the sky more than on the ground. Anyone who knew him knew that Stirton loved to fly and would take anyone interested up for an aerobatic routine at the drop of a hat [see photo of him with one of the World War II-era biplanes he piloted over the years].

Stirton was a great and loving father to his six surviving children – David Kirk Stirton, Lindy Stirton, Heather Jane Stirton Gradison, Betsy Nugent, Laura Stirton Aust, and Scot Stirton.

Per David’s request, no funeral services were held.

HAR extends condolences to the Stirton family and will forever be in David L. Stirton’s debt for the invaluable service he performed on behalf of HAR. May he rest in peace.

David Mendel

David Mendel

Public Relations Manager

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