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contact_usWhen a consumer visits the HAR.com site and has feedback, I am one of the people who receives the emails with all sorts of comments. Seriously, we receive ALL sorts of comments.

Lately, there have been quite a few more than usual referring to listings that have not had their status updated. The consumer gets frustrated because they ask for more information about a particular listing, only to be told that the listing is already under contract or has actually already closed.

In some cases, the consumer will actually have a showing scheduled, but they will be told at the showing that the home has sold already.

We at HAR do our best to set HAR.com apart from the other sites that consumers might choose to visit for real estate information. One of the primary ways we differentiate the site is by saying that we have the most accurate and up-to-date listings of any site. While that is still true since our site is updated every 15 minutes, which is more frequently that the third-party sites, we lose some credibility with that argument when our own members do not update their listings promptly.

Additionally, recent changes to MLS rules require listing agents to enter new listings into the MLS within 3 days after the date the listing begins and report Sold listings within 3 days of closing/funding. This is a change from the previous 5 day requirement and is consistent with the time allowed to report a Pending (OP, PSHO or P) contract listing.

If HAR.com, which does not charge for leads or referrals, is going to be able to compete with the other sites, which do charge, you are going to need to do your part to help us still be able to say that we have the most accurate and up-to-date listings.

Remember that this is YOUR site, so you want it to reflect on you as positively as possible.

Update your listings as quickly as possible to help keep HAR.com number one in Houston—and hopefully number one in Texas soon…

HAR Communications Dept.

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