Changes Made to Auto-Population

Tempo recently changed how auto-population works. Instead of pulling in tax information from Stewart Tax, it will now be pulled from Realist.  This change enables Tempo to auto-populate listings from all counties in Texas. Auto-populating can still be done in two simple steps:

1. Enter in your County and Information to auto-populate: New Listing Screen-with text-3

2. After entering your information, click on the ‘Auto-pop from Tax’ button and the following screen will appear: Select List Screen-2 That’s it! Click here for a short video walk-through of the new application.

Other Notable Changes Coming June 25: 

  • The tax ID links on MLS Agent Reports will now open the Realist Detail Report instead of the Stewart Property Profile Report.
  • Clicking on the Tax icon in the top navigation menu will take you into Realist Tax instead of Stewart Tax. Stewart Tax will still be accessible from the drop-down menu when you hover your mouse over the Tax icon.



Nathan Goble


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  • Key Map are great, because Google Map gets their information from the key map and Key Map are 99% right and Google Map is 75% right.

  • I am hung up in an endless loop, listing a Houston rental condo, I used autopopulate with the tax number, the listing page shows Texas as the State, and United States as the Country, yet the SAVE AS ACTIVE step keeps sending me back to key in the State and Country, so, I cannot list as Active. What is going on, and can you override this nuisance loop at HQ? PS the print preview even shows the United States as the country, and “Other” as the State.

  • Now that it’s changed I can no longer see the total bonds approved/sold by a MUD district. How do I find that information for the water district disclosure?

  • Key Maps are old hat. I don’t even use them anymore. If the Key Map is STILL a “required” field for Tempo, they should just get rid of it. Google Maps or Map Quest is better…if Key Maps wants to remain relevant, they should go to an online service. They have a CD now, but it’s $225, YIKES !!

    • Key Map is an excellent tool for searching very specific geographical areas. Since no one search tool is 100% effective it would be unwise to get rid of Key Map. I have found sleepers using Key Map when other more popular search tools turned up nothing.

  • Realist Tax does not tell me the Key Map page — so, now I have to reach for my old Key Map.


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