New “Seller Authorization to Exclude Listing from MLS” Form Now Required

In the low-inventory, hyper-market climate of today’s Houston housing market, there may sometimes be a perception that NOT listing a property in the MLS is in the best interest of a seller. Regardless of whether this  is the case, it is important that agents and brokers protect themselves from potential risks that may later surface after the transaction has been completed (e.g., upon reflection, a seller believes they did not get the highest sales price because it was not exposed to the broadest market). Utilizing the “Seller Authorization to Exclude from MLS” form makes it clear that the decision to NOT list a property on the MLS is the decision of the seller and that they have been fully informed of the issues related to not listing their home in the MLS.

When is the form required?

If a seller elects to NOT list their home in the MLS, the listing agent is required to submit the signed form to MLS within 3 days after the date the listing agreement begins.

Where can I get a copy of the form?

You may download a copy of the form from the HAR Forms Manager application within the HAR Members Only portal. The form will soon be available within ZipForms in the HAR library.

How do I submit the form to MLS?

Once the form is completed and signed by the seller, broker and listing agent you can email a digital copy to mlsqa@har.com or fax a copy of the original to 713-335-4222

What if my broker is unavailable to sign the form?

You may have an authorized office manager sign on behalf of the broker in the event the broker is unable to sign the form.


Shawn Dauphine

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