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HAR Pays Special Tribute to the REALTOR® Emeritus

The HAR Board of Directors took time out during its October meeting to honor 18 members with the status of REALTOR® Emeritus. Those are real estate professionals who have maintained 40 cumulative years of membership in NAR and HAR. Congratulations to the following 2013 recipients:

John J. Coad • Louvon Daniel • John Daugherty • Elizabeth Dott • Sam Feldt
Helen Guillory • James W. Gustafson • Dorothy P. Harris • William S. Hartman
Norris Hodge • Lillian Horovitz • Thomas Mabry • Dorothy Marline • George D. McKim
George L. Murray • Peggy D. Powers • Dave Stromatt • H. J. Tollett


HAR proudly salutes these members for their decades of service to the real estate profession.

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