Honors for the Past and Future

My final month as chairman of HAR will be bittersweet. I will look back on all of the good that we did for the industry and our community. At the same time, I know that it is time to let someone else take the reins and lead. There is no one who is better prepared or who will do a better job than Chaille Ralph. I know I will sleep better at night knowing she is leading the way so I look forward to all she will accomplish. You may join me at REALTOR® Celebration when she will be officially sworn into office on December 12.  You may find out all about it and how to purchase tickets here.

It isn’t just board members who help lead this association though. We also look to the future leaders and try to give them all the tools necessary to become even better leaders. The current graduating class of the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program (TRLP) is impressive. You could be part of this prestigious program next year because applications are currently being accepted. You may find out more here.

We were also privileged to recognize 18 of our past leaders with REALTOR® Emeritus status. These long-time members each contributed to the success of HAR and the greater Houston real estate community through at least 40 years of cumulative membership with HAR.  You may see each of their smiling faces here. I only hope to attain such a status one day.

One of the ways that we continue to exert influence on behalf of our members and homeowners is by exercising our right to vote. We just concluded City of Houston elections, among others, and you may view the results here. There are still some races to be determined though so the work is not yet done. You may see the list of supported candidates here. Remember to vote during the early voting period to avoid the lines on Election Day.

We also had the opportunity to honor another great leader who has done more for our members than probably anyone really knows. HAR President and CEO Bob Hale has led this Association for 25 years, and each and every one of us is better off for it. As chairman of the board, you have an insider’s view of what goes on, and I can tell you that we could not be in better hands than those of Bob Hale. I am proud to call him a mentor and even prouder to now call him a friend. You may see pictures from the evening celebrating all that he has done here.

I couldn’t end the final column of my year without thanking my fellow executive committee members, HAR board members, HAR staff, HAR consultants, and my “regular job” co-workers and employers. I could not have made it through this year without the support of each of you. I am glad to call each of you friends. Congratulations on the success of the past year and all that will come in the future year.

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