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Fraud Alert!

Please be on the alert that thieves, using a legitimate REALTOR®’s name, scheduled an accompanied showing and items were stolen.

Their possible M.O. is as follows:

  • Suspect #1 scheduled a showing, saying she’s a Galveston REALTOR® and does not have a Supra Key, so the listing firm had an accompanied showing. The suspect unlocks an outside door at some point during the showing.
  • An accomplice comes back later, enters through the unlocked door and removes some items. Two jewelry boxes were discovered missing when the owners arrived home on Sunday.
  • The REALTOR® whose name was used was NOT the person who arrived for the showings and is not involved in this crime.
  • The thieves are aware they have been found out so they may change the name and continue.

Descriptions of the fake REALTOR® and client:

  • Two women-
    • Caucasian, 25-30 years old; medium tall approx. 5’7”; light brown, straight hair; fair to medium skin, slightly tanned; fraudulently using a Galveston REALTOR®’s name/firm
    • Caucasian, 35- 40 years old; shorter, around 5’1” or 5’2”; short, straight blond-highlighted hair, worn in a bob, parted on left side.
    • Drove a double-cab, Dodge pickup that was gray with black trim

Please contact HAR at matt@har.com to let us know if you suspect this may be occurring with one of your listings or if you have any information.

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