CRB: Real Estate is Risky Business

Now more than ever, brokerage managers and owners must carefully navigate their firm through an alarming number of risks and liabilities. Successful brokerages must employ solid risk management and reduction practices to insure their company against significant losses, lowered productivity and a damaged reputation.

Register today and gain valuable insight as to what types of liabilities are found in everyday transactions and company operations. Participants will develop a risk management strategy filled with the best practices of other brokerages.

Learning Objectives
• Learning to recognize common and uncommon potential areas of brokerage liability.
• Creating and implementing pro-active risk-shifting policies & operational procedures.
• Designing and facilitating a simple risk management brokerage education track.
• Further developing systems, resources and tools to better manage potential risks.
• Strategizing and implementing a thorough brokerage risk management strategy.

Date:   6/19 – 6/20
Time:   8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Fee: $299 members • $399 non-members
15 MCE credits • TREC# 15-00-024-24020

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Rita Klein


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  • This is becoming more of a problem at least from my experience. I reported my first violation recently, and I think when we see a violation, we need to be active and report it.

    These agents that abuse it waste the rest of our time. This is simply unprofessional.

  • HAR’s quality control processes are lacking and real estate agents who engage in allowing the statsus’ of their properties to go unchanged after a sale or agents who remain their properties as active listings upon termination, withdrawal or pending should be penalized HAR & dicsussions and education regarding this activiy and how this opens up brokers to law suits for deceptive trade practices and false advertising should be especially addressed. This is eminent more than ever before as HAR’s lack of monitoring and forgiveness for this type of activity has increased and QC has gone down.