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Supra Fob Upgrade Promotion

For a limited time, if you are currently using a Supra Fob, Fob-2, or the plug-in iPhone adapter for your phone, you may bring the device to any HAR location and purchase a new Fob-3 for the discounted price of only $34.95. (Current retail for non-trade-in is $54.95).

This offer is available through Supra for HAR members, but you must bring in your old Fob, Fob-2, or plug-in iPhone adapter for exchange to take advantage of this offer.

The new Fob-3 works with all iPhones and Androids.

Remember, this special promotion is a limited-time offer that ends at 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, so hurry on in!

14 thoughts on “Supra Fob Upgrade Promotion

  1. yes, it works with the iphone 5, and you don’t need an adapter either, so if they change the ports on iphone again, it still works.

  2. I called Har about this, and apparently the benefit is that it is a universal fob. So if you currently have an Iphone and change to an Android it will work on either phone. No other benefit though. So no need to upgrade if you plan to stay with the same type of phone you are currently using.

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