A New Tool for You: RPR Commercial

Commercial REALTOR® members now have access to REALTORS® Property Resource (RPR) Commercial, an application that will provide customized consumer trends, demographic data, flood plain information and drive times, among other information. RPR is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), created to offer member benefits with added value.

After months of aggregating feedback from commercial beta testers in six markets, the RPR Commercial app is now offering tools to assist REALTOR® members with data to share with clients and customers, helping them to make better informed decisions when buying or selling property.

With RPR, a commercial REALTOR® will be able to help a business owner find a location with a heavy concentration of customers, locate the right type of business for a space and find the best space for a client by drive time, radius or area, all using demographic, psychographic and spending data. REALTORS® may also choose to explore different demographic and spending data aspects for people in any part of the country by creating a thematic map first and using the results to start a search or analysis.

RPR-expanded commercial features include:

  • Business Opportunities Analysis
  • Detailed Location Analysis and Reporting
  • Property Information Search and Reporting
  • Market Analysis-Customer Concentrations
  • Market Leakage Reports, Demographic
  • Lifestyle and Consumer Segmentation
  • Trade Area and Analysis Reporting
  • Drive Time Ring Analysis
  • Thematic Mapping with Custom Search tools

RPR Commercial aggregates tax assessment and public records information, stand-alone mortgages and liens, foreclosure data, demographics and census information, ESRI Tapestry data, (consumer spending habits aggregated with lifestyle information in order to create consumer behavior analytics) along with licensed data from Commercial Information Exchanges (CIEs) and MLSs to create dynamic search and report features for REALTORS®.

REALTOR® members can sign up for RPR Commercial demonstrations every week on Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. CDT to learn more about this new benefit. Additional resources are available here.

Anthony Petry

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