Tempo or Fusion? It’s Your Choice!

HAR plans to continue supporting both the Tempo and Fusion MLS platforms for the foreseeable future and, to be clear, no decision has been made to turn off Tempo. For those of you who enjoy using Tempo, you may continue to do so and are not required to switch systems.

Tempo has provided a dependable, easy-to-use platform for more than a decade. However, it requires elements unique to Internet Explorer and, as a result, does not work on other browsers, MACs or iPads. This inherent limitation ensures that Tempo will not be around forever, but it will NOT be turned off without sufficient, advanced notice and not until there is viable product solution that scales across multiple browsers and mobile devices, including the iPad.

Fusion is completely optional and is a good solution for MAC users or those of you wanting to take advantage of the robust client collaboration and auto-notification tools that Fusion provides. Fusion is highly configurable, so you can set it up how they like it with their own default searches and default search results grids, with easy-to-use column sorting. In order to provide some of its advanced features, Fusion is dependent on Adobe Flash Player™ and therefore does not function on the iPad.

HAR recognizes the importance of providing you with a professional grade MLS tool for use on the iPad and we will continue our own efforts to meet this need with the HAR.com iPad app for MLS subscribers. MLS subscribers may download the HAR.com iPad app from the iTunes app store and log in as an MLS Subscriber with username and password. You may search active and sold listings displaying information only available to MLS subscribers such as agent remarks, the Tempo PAR report, DOM and access to the Stewart Tax profile pages.

HAR is working on the next update to our iPad app which will include the ability to add and edit listings directly into Tempo and is expected to be available by the end of April. Future development efforts will focus on providing a more robust member-only property search form that includes more search parameters and a grid-like results view that is more like Tempo.

For the foreseeable future, you have a choice to use whichever MLS system best meets your needs without the pressure of being required to learn a new system. HAR will continue working in the least disruptive manner possible to provide you with additional tools and applications that help grow your business.

Shawn Dauphine


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  • Yes, please keep Tempo! For appraisers like me, it is essential to the flow of our business. Doing market searches on Fusion is possible, but it is a much slower process, and getting stats required for our market data forms is terrible at best.

  • I am open to changes  but do not like fusion, two weeks ago,  I had expend lots of hrs, picking the right properties, calling listing agents collection more details before I could e mail a list of properties to my buyers, I also e mail me a copy of them and founf out that the listing agents
    e mails and teleph. e mails showed in the list. Buyers have been e mailing  other agents even when I have a buyer’s representation agreement . They were confused and believed they were not doing anything wrong. Buyers came back to me, but I do not think this will happen everytime. I LOVE  TEMPO.

    • Lilly,
        Development for CMA’s on the iPad is in progress. While I can’t give you an ETA at this time, I can tell you that it is one of our highest priorities to bring to the iPad. If you have any questions, please let me know.

      Nathan Goble
      Project Manager
      Houston Association of Realtors

  • I’d like to know why all the contact info for the listing agent doesn’t show up in Fusion. Also, some of the info seems to get cut off or not print out when trying to print the MLS sheet.  There are a few other things I’m adjusting to, but am trying to use it and embrace change.  So far, sorta ok…maybe…not sure…  

    • Good Afternoon,
          Most of the contact information should be there when viewing the detail report for a listing. Can you please identify what is missing from the display and we will look further into the matter.  As for the MLS sheet printing, can you identify what report you are printing and what isn’t printing out?  I am more than happy to research anything send my way regarding Fusion or Tempo.

      Regards,Nathan GobleProject ManagerHouston Association of RealtorsNathan@har.com 

  • Good! Tempo does map search better with radius or area searches and I’ve not been able to get Fusion to do that.

    • Good Afternoon Tom,
      I am very happy to hear the Tempo is able to do the type of search you need. As for Fusion, the same functionality is there, it is just laid out in a different location. You have to click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the map to open up the draw features for Fusion. The draw features are exactly the same as Tempo. I hope that helps. If you have any questions, please let me know.

      Nathan Goble
      Project Manager
      Houston Association of Realtors

  • Glad to hear that Tempo is not going away!  Have the problems with Fusion been resolved?  The last time I tried Fusion the search left out several properties which is a major problem.  Two of the new agents in my office only know Fusion and they also did not get all the possible properties on a search.  Until the bugs are worked out of Fusion we need to keep a reliable system.

    • Good Afternoon Jeff,
         We plan to keep Tempo for as long as possible. We are continue to make improvements to the Fusion platform. As for the properties missing, that should no longer be a problem. If you, or anyone you know, continue to experience this problem, please contact me directly to research this matter further as Data integrity is of the highest importance to us. If you have any questions, please let me know.

      Regards,Nathan GobleProject ManagerHouston Association of RealtorsNathan@har.com 

  • The only advantage I had found in Fusion over Tempo was the mapping tool that would allow the sequential arrangement of properties so that the “pin” number would change….MUCH less confusing for the clients, too!

  • I am glad to hear that Tempo is still going to be available.  Many of the people in my office with IPADS are not using Fusion because many of the functions do not work or is difficult.

  • Since I have a Mac and have never been able to get Tempo to work with the Citrix, I would love to see Fusion. Where is it?

    • Hi Jodi,
      (maybe you’re still not familiar with Fusion by now?)
      You’ll see Enter Fusion MLS Beta as soon as you log in as a member.  Its with the Enter MLS link on the upper right corner of your window.
      It’s definitely for Mac people because now we don’t need to worry about Citrix or Parallels any longer (although Parallels is far superior to Citrix and runs very nicely on your Mac). 
      It works fine with FireFox browser but it seems to be a bit smoother in the Chrome browser.   You might download Chrome from Google.
      I will tell you though, Fusion takes a some patience to learn.  It’s not the same ol’ interface you’re used to.  So when you’re in a hurry, use Tempo until you learn on your own, or take the free HAR Fusion class.

  • I am just learning about Fusion.  Yesterday I set up myself as a test prospect to see how the email would look to my prospect when received. I really like the asap concept but  I may have done something wrong.  What I received is not something I am going to send to my prospects if I did it right and what I received is what they are going to receive.  The email was non-descript.  Nothing to impress on them that I am their agent working for them.  When I clicked on the listing … I wasn’t there.  Nothing to really impact the buyer that this is the agent who sent you this and this is the agent you need to call.  There is a link to the listing agent and my guess is that the customer may not even think about clicking back to the email to contact me.  Out of sight – out of mind.  If they print it out to go drive by or whatever then I am completely out of the picture.  Unless they go back and find the email when they get home so they can call the agent that sent them the info then I have ceased to exist; but I just don’t think the majority of them are going to do that.  If they decide to drive by the property and are sitting out front looking at the print out then the only agent info they are seeing is the listing agent’s sign and the listing agents contact info.  I’m not on the sheet anywhere.    It’s great if I wanted to send only my listings to my customers and the system would do that but I don’t believe it works that way.  If I did it right and I am correct in my take on this I won’t be using this.

  • There are things I do like about Fusion, so I use both. The ability to save properties and searches in Fusion is really great. My main grip with Fusion is that the photos are terrible…fix that and I would be all Fusion.

    Glad you are working on keeping the I-Pad up to date but I have an Android Tablet. Works with what you are currently doing but don’t leave us behind.

  • Great News! If its not broke, don’t fix it! I guess the computer Geeks are always looking for something to mess with! Leave Tempo alone for the next 10 years. It works fine! Everyone knows how to use it! Also leave Wyldfire alone also. Its a great additional program!
    Please take my Candid comments constructively.
    Mike Fett

  • Thanks and keep the iPad updates coming! I would also like to see a HAR built WordPress plugin for IDX/RETS listings on a Broker’s/Agent’s site.

  • Being a seasoned agnt, I am so thankful that you are keeping TEMPO available
    for me, as I do not like the new change !!
    Thank you, thank you

  • I am so glad! I was waiting until the winter when I’m not busy to learn Fusion. I really love Tempo and am so quick with it that I hate to change.
    Thank you!!!!

  • Not sure if others noticed but tempo started to work on chrome now….so u can edit and add listings using it…

    • Good Morning Alton,
        That is correct. We had publish last month that made the Add/edit portion of Tempo become browser independent. This was done to allow Fusion users to be able to access Add/edit directly without having to leave the Fusion screen.  Please note that the Search portion of Tempo does not work with any browser other than Internet Explorer. If you have any questions, please let me know.

      • Great News! If its not broke, don’t fix it! I guess the computer Geeks are always looking for something to mess with! Leave Tempo alone for the next 10 years. It works fine! Everyone knows how to use it! Also leave Wyldfire alone also. Its a great additional program!
        Please take my Candid comments constructively.
        Mike Fett




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