REALTORS® Vote 2012: July 31 Primary Runoff Elections

The 2013 legislative session is sure to be an interesting one, with many longtime senators and representatives retiring or losing their races, and it is said by some Capitol insiders that as many as half of the 83rd Texas Legislature will be freshmen or sophomores. Here is how HAR’s 26 Recommended Candidates measured up in the May 29 primary elections.

  • 20 candidates won their primary race outright
  • 3 candidates have primary runoff elections
  • 3 candidates lost their election

Well-publicized redistricting lawsuits delayed the 2012 primaries that are normally held in early March, to May 29. Although the primary election day has come and gone, REALTORS® still need to head to the polls for the primary runoff elections, which take place on Tuesday, July 31.


Brazoria County

Fort Bend County

Galveston County

Harris County

Montgomery County

Wharton County

Houston area REALTORS® are involved in the political process at all levels, promoting policies and supporting candidates who advocate for private property rights and home ownership in the greater Houston area, including Brazoria, Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties. Electing lawmakers who understand homeowners’ concerns and act accordingly is the Association’s top priority.



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  • Although I understand HAR’s position of supporting the “incumbents” and David Dewhurst might as well be thought of as an incumbent because we have worked with him for years.  However, there are more important things than just what benefits the housing industry and our pockets…such as what is best for our country and the health of our economy.   For that reason, I am strongly supporting Ted Cruz and I hope many Realtors will make the same decision.
    Cindy Wingo Hemenway

  • I have been fortunate to observe and be involved in the
    REALTOR® party politics since back in the 1980’s. Since Mr. Dewhurst started
    presiding over the Senate, we (the REALTOR® organization) have had the good
    fortune of having the Lt. Governor help us on numerous issues. A perfect
    example is the last session, which was one of the most successful in the
    history of REALTOR® involvement in the political process. After decades of
    being held hostage by the trial lawyers, we were able to get meaningful reform
    to the DTPA which will save us money on our E & O coverage, not to mention
    keeping us out of unfounded lawsuits. Turning the Texas Real Estate Commission
    into a self-directed, semi-independent agency, will keep our unspent license
    fees from being swept into the general revenue fund every two years during the
    budgeting process. This will undoubtedly help us save license renewal fee
    dollars in the future as the Legislature looks for revenue. A couple of
    sessions ago we were successful in strengthening private property owner rights
    when they are faced with eminent domain issues. These are just a few of the
    reasons HAR and TAR is and should be supporting Mr. Dewhurst. The odds are that
    without his support, we wouldn’t have had these success stories to tell. Why in
    the world turn your back on someone that has been a good friend with a proven
    track record?

  • HAR is a large and diverse organization that has to make recommendations based on candidates’ records and where they stand on the real estate profession.  As Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst was instrumental and supportive in passage of ALL of the major legislation impacting Realtors in recent years. HAR’s and TAR’s recommendation of David Dewhurst is a direct result of what he has done for Realtors and the real estate profession, in other words YOU and ME. These recommendations of candidates come from meticulous screening of the candidates and reviewing of where they stand on the issues that we, as Realtors, would be most concerned about to protect our business and our clients. I know they are not taken lightly because I have volunteered on some of the committees that recommend candidates (something any HAR member can do). I do agree with Donut44 though, that every voter should always do their own research in to candidates running for every position on the ballot so they are informed when they go in to the voting booth. We need to do that not just as Realtors, but as Americans.


  • I defiantly agree with David Schwarz’s comments about how diligently HAR appointed committee members and elected directors weigh the candidates to make sure that our private property rights and REALTOR members’ rights (and small business owners rights) are protected. The candidates HAR officially endorses truly are the ones that are best for Texas.
    Wayne Stroman CIPS, TRC
    Houston Association of REALTORS®, 2012 Chairman of the Board
    Texas Association of REALTORS®, Regional Vice-President
    National Association of REALTORS®, Director

  • TAR and HAR have a vested interest in supporting candidates that support Realtor Party issues.i.e private property right issues, no sales tax on professional services, no sales tax on real estate transactions and eliminating the overreaching aspects of the DTPA. Both HAR and TAR have a stringent process to vet candidates for the various local, state and national races which includes a questionaire, interview, thorough discussion of the PAAG at HAR  and or TREPAC Trustees and PIC volunteers at TAR.  Those reccomendations are then sent to the respective Executive Committees with final approval by the HAR and TAR Board of Directors.  Lt. Govenor David Dewhurst has been a long time friend and ally of the Realtor Party and  I strongly urge you to support David Dewhurst  in the runoff Election on July 31st and again in November.  

    A. David Schwarz III, SIOR
    2011 PAAG Chair
    2012 GAAG Chair for Local Issues
    2010-2013 HAR Board of Directors

  • Reposting spelling error, sorry!
    ·         I agree what is best for us is not necessarily what is best according to HAR. I am sorry but HAR is missing the boat. Ted Cruz is the candidate to help get us out of this mess not Dewhurst deep pockets.

  • I agree what is best for us is not necessarily what is best according to HAR. I am sorry but HAR is missing the boat. Ted Cruz is the canidate to help get us out of this mess not Dewhurst deep pockets.

  • I urge everyone to look what is best for YOU and not what is best according to HAR.  Do some digging on the candidates and don’t trust these recommendations solely.  Not surprisingly, large lobbying groups give large amounts of money and get large amounts of kickbacks.  It should not be surprising then that they support certain candidates.

    • Hi Mike – Early voting begins on Monday, July 23, 2012. The last day of early voting is Friday, July 27, 2012. Hope this helps.




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