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  • R.E. market is finally taking a swing in Houston. Homes prices are rising & the Job market looks very favorable. Went to a meeting a few weeks ago & the Cheif economist Phd. for Tx was there & he showed graphs which you can get a link for if you would like email me. It show the economy for the last sevearl yrs Nationally.

    70,000 jobs are opening for engineers & Computer tecgnology her5e in Houston Alone. HGouston is now one of the largets cities in the U.S. also Dallas Market is doing even better.

    Also Rates are the lowest they have in more than 50 yrs. Buy home from us & you will get 1% Rebate applied to your closing cost based on sales price. $150,000 sale price you get back $1500. Gluck to all. Dan Ross Crs/Gri Broker