New Houston Sightings of Open House Jewelry Thief Reported

  • A man who was arrested for allegedly stealing valuables from open houses in the Houston area and all across Texas has been released on bond, according to Dallas NBC affiliate KXAS-TV.
  • HAR has received reports that the man was spotted at Houston-area open houses within the last two weeks.
  • He previously had a warrant for his arrest in West University Place in connection with a jewelry theft at an open house in our area, after which he was seen at other local open houses.
  • HAR urges you to make sure you and your clients take all necessary precautions and contact local law enforcement if you see this man or observe any suspicious behavior.
  • For mugshots and additional information, please refer to http://bit.ly/xnbGEH.

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  • I have not held an open house without a “companion” in over four years.  I can truthfully say that I have sold very few of the houses to a visitor (with or without their Realtor) but have gained clients.  I am not so sure my safety and their valuable is worth it anymore.  

  • Sellers: Do you think there is value to having an open house? 
    We are hearing more and more about crimes taking place during an open house. You may want to “Think twice about the value of having an open house”. 

  • All good recomendations. But ….. please always be sure that your office and significant other know that you’re holding an open house, where it is and what time.

  • If you happen to have an Open House on a large property that is still occupied, I hire someone to be there with me.Just in case several people arrive at the same time you can have your Open House Attendant accompany them and you can still be free to greet others.

  • . Always make sure you are never blocked from a door. I always have the prospect go ahead of me upstairs or thru a door and stand nearby able to go out if necessary. Yes, your cell phone should always be in your hand.

  • Use your common sense ladies. There a out there are a lot of opportunists out there. Have your phone on you at all times during open houses and always make sure you can get out of a home if you are alone in a house with a buyer during an open house.


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