Tempo Add/Edit Link Comes to Fusion on Wednesday, February 22

On Wednesday, February 22, our vendor will publish an update to the Fusion MLS system that allows you to access Tempo add/edit directly from Fusion.  This link will be browser-friendly and has already been tested for compatibility in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer across both the Windows and Apple operating systems.  With this addition, you will be to perform all of the add/edit functions that had previously only been accessible through Tempo while using the Internet Explorer browser.  The link will be made available underneath the ‘Home’ tab. Simply hover your mouse over ‘Home’ tab, then click on ‘HAR Add/Edit’ and the system will seamlessly take you to your add/edit page.



Nathan Goble


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  • I see the add/edit link but when I click it nothing happens.  It doesn’t go to a new page to work on listings.  I’m very excited that I can now work on my MacBook without using a virtual machine, thank you for updating to make MLS compatible for us all.

  • The ability to scroll up and down with a trackpad needs to be revised.  On my Macbook Pro, it will only go down, no matter which way I try to scroll.

  • What are the chances of getting the vendor to run Fusion through Adobe’s converter tool to convert the system to HTML5 so we can access it on all devices? Our team uses iPad’s for most or our work now but right now we have to remote into a separate machine to run Fusion. HTML5 is becoming the standard for the web and even Adobe has stopped development for Flash on mobile devices and recommends HTML5.

    • Good Afternoon Chris,
         Unfortunately, that will not be possible.  We are looking at other alternatives to bridge the mobile gap.  Can you identify what feature you need most on your mobile device that isn’t available right now?  

      Nathan Goble
      Quality Assurance Manager
      Houston Association of Realtors


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