Commercial Gateway Introduces Free Analysis Software

Commercial Gateway Now Features a Free Property Analysis Tool for its Members

The entry-level, Web-based product, Investit Lite, is great for quickly analyzing and valuing simple investments such as rental apartment properties and small office, retail or industrial buildings. The software was developed by ePropertyData, the nation’s foremost sponsor of local Commercial Information Exchanges (CIEs) for Investit Software, Inc., North America’s leader in development of affordable real estate analysis and cash flow projection software for the commercial real estate industry.

The “Lite” version of the investment analysis program allows members to perform numerous types of analyses on different types of properties. The property does not have to be in the Commercial Gateway database to be analyzed. The new software program can:

  • Auto-transfer property information from CommGate listings
  • Evaluate acquisition and finance structuring
  • Analyze basic lease and income data
  • Provide annual-only projections
  • Help prepare sales presentations

InvestIt Lite is designed for quick property review and analysis. Plus, it is a browser-based program, so there is no software to install.

According to Ronnie Dean, principal with Investit Software, the application helps members understand the relationship between their clients’ investment goals and the numbers needed to get there. CommGate Members can access the Investit Lite program under the Reports tab in the CommGate main menu.

Use Investit Lite today! The versatile and comprehensive real estate analysis software will help you value, list and sell properties, negotiate leases and help your clients make informed choices.


Anthony Petry

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