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2013 TREPAC Investors

Platinum R’s ($10,000)
Richard Filip – RE/MAX of Texas

Golden R’s ($5,000)
Andrew White – Allied Home Warranty
Vicki Fullerton
Rene Galvan
Bob Hale sustaining
Wayne Stroman sustaining
Ed Wolff sustaining

Crystal R’s ($2,500)
Mario Arriaga sustaining
Diana Ayers sustaining
Shad Bogany sustaining
Kenya Burrell sustaining
John Eckstrum sustaining
Nancy Furst sustaining
Sharon Morton sustaining

HAR Diamond Rs ($1,500)
Cindy Hamann

Sterling Rs ($1,000)
Lorraine Abercrombie
Marilyn Arendt
Ward Arendt
Joan Berger
Christi Borden
Rob Cook
Heidi Crenshaw
Karen Driscoll
Cathy Hamlin
Becky Hill
Mike Mengden
Veronica Mullenix
John Nichols
Chaille Ralph
Gary Stallings
Jo Ann Stevens

Capitol Club ($500)
Jim Clark
Fabian Corzo
Mark Dimas
Kenneth Li
Melinda Noel
Estella Rodriguez
Mitzie Shirley
Steve Williams
Gerald Womack
Debbie Youens

Lone Star Statesmen ($250)
Rob Adams
Joyce Belton
Sandy Benson
Tracy Bogiel
John Braun
Susan Brown
Mike Brubaker
Becky Cornelius
Shawn Dauphine
Chuck Finnell
Robert Guerin
Dana Kervin
Gayle Kennedy
Dianne McCoy
Anne McGuirt
Vanissa Micklethwait
J.J. Molaison
Suzanne Page-Pryde
Alfonso Parodi
Caroline Schlemmer
Melissa Seureau
Joe Spilman

**All investments as of 11/30/2012.**

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