Looking Forward to “Discovering Opportunities” in 2012

As a long-time member of the HAR REALTOR® community and the HAR leadership team, I understand the importance of this organization to its members, their careers and businesses, the Houston area real estate marketplace and the greater Houston area community.

During the past year in anticipation of the privilege of serving as your chairman, I have, like every member of the HAR leadership team, spent countless hours studying and preparing to meet the challenges that lay ahead for the Houston area REALTOR® and our industry as a whole.

As we look forward to the new year, we must be sensitive to the events of the past several years and their impact.

Since 2006, a daunting range of economic, industry, market, consumer, political and technological factors have combined to create a whole new environment within the real estate marketplace, both locally and nationally.  As we begin our leadership efforts for 2012, we must be ever mindful that many of our members continue to deal with these significant challenges and their economic ramifications.

In order to respond appropriately to these circumstances, HAR leadership and staff must continue to work together seamlessly to strengthen our member’s strategic position in a manner that will maximize their market position in this new and more complex real estate market environment.

To be effective for the membership, we must incorporate what we have learned in the past, while also anticipating the coming trends so we are able to understand their impact on our world and our market in 2012. Be assured that we are doing so.

My leadership theme for 2012 is “Discovering Opportunities.” My commitment to you and our fellow members is that this Association will focus its every activity on what is best for all of the HAR members.

In conclusion, I thank you for this wonderful opportunity and ask you to join me in these endeavors. HAR is an amazing organization. It is nationally renowned for its creative approaches, innovative spirit and willingness to go the extra mile. With your assistance and support, we can meet the challenges and discover the opportunities of 2012.


Wayne Stroman
HAR Chairman


Wayne A. Stroman

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