Urgent Safety Alert for REALTORS®

This past weekend, two of our REALTOR® members from large, well-known firms were held up at gunpoint in the Lakeview Forest subdivision near Briar Forest and Kirkwood in West Houston. The buyer’s agent was helping the listing agent from another firm to remove some items from a home that is scheduled to close at the end of the month. While the buyer’s agent was in the house and his son was on the roof removing the satellite dish, the listing agent was approached by an armed man in the driveway who ended up robbing both the buyer’s agent and listing agent. The robber then put his gun to the listing agent’s head, put her in a choke hold and instructed the buyer’s agent to back her truck down the driveway so he could use it as a getaway vehicle. Fortunately, no one was physically harmed more seriously during the attack.

HAR has consistently issued warnings and safety reminders, so we wanted to make sure to share this with all of our members so that you may take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure that you, your clients and your family members are safe. If you see something suspicious, please leave the area and contact your local law enforcement officials immediately.

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  • This is the reason I have a driver whom carries a gun and watches out for me while I am showing homes and land. I don’t live in the Houston area for this very reason. I have moved to the country where I have found it to be safer and with my added security, I feel safer than I ever felt in Houston showing homes and land.

  • Another reason to conceal carry. If you have ever had that helpless feeling of not being able to protect yourself as these agents have now experienced, you know what I mean. With the holidays upon us, crime always increases.


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