HAR Takes Transaction Management to the Next Level with HAR-ETS

In its ongoing mission to bring technological innovation to members to enhance their productivity, the Houston Association of REALTORS® is in the initial stages of introducing a transaction management system that has freed REALTORS® across Arizona f

rom the traditional paper-based transaction process with excellent results. The system will be called HAR-ETS (Electronic Transaction Solution) and it is designed as a platform consisting of HAR’s MLS system, electronic signatures and transaction management that will be powered by SureClose®.

HAR is partnering with PropertyInfo Corporation and SureClose® to provide this new electronic transaction solution platform as the latest MLS subscriber benefit. The system was recently adopted by the Arizona Association of REALTORS®, whose brokers have given it rave reviews.

SureClose® is an online system that digitally stores an agent’s correspondence, personal notes, documents and completed tasks for each property listing he or she manages. This information is securely stored and accessible anytime and anywhere through an authorized log-in.

Houston real estate brokerages will enjoy many benefits from the implementation of HAR-ETS. These include:
• Lower operating costs
• Risk reduction and potential savings on Errors & Omissions in insurance premiums
• Ability to standardize internal processes
• Secure centralized storage of all documents
• Reduced document storage costs
• Faster transaction processing
• Improved customer service via online 24/7 status updates
• Enhanced ability to work off-site, anywhere Internet access is available
• Eliminate phone calls for basic information
• Organized filing of documents
• Fewer missed deadlines and overdue activities
• Proper documentation of activities within the transaction to reduce the potential for liability

“HAR-ETS is a natural evolution in the ever-expanding suite of services that HAR provides MLS subscribers to ensure they have all the tools they need to succeed in business,” said HAR President and CEO Bob Hale.

“After thoroughly evaluating a variety of transaction management systems, we concluded that SureClose® had the strongest track record of success of any platform out there,” said Margie Dorrance, chair of the Houston REALTORS® Information Service. “We believe that HAR’s MLS subscribers will immediately realize the advantages of HAR-ETS and will be eager to wean themselves off the cumbersome and inefficient paper-based method of handling transactions.”

HAR-ETS, powered by SureClose®, will be available later this fall. Look for updates about its roll-out on HAR Connect and in future editions of Houston REALTOR® magazine. To learn more about HAR-ETS, contact René Galvan at rene.galvan@har.com or 713.629.1900 ext. 299.

David Mendel

David Mendel

Public Relations Manager


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  • I just had a closing with Stewart Title and that is how I found out about Sureclose. I understand that several real estate companies here in Houston are already using Sureclose. How can I get in contact with a company/agent that is using it. I would like to see a demo. Please let me know. Thanks. Elizabeth   

  • In early 2009 we did due dilligence on several vendors before making a decision to purchase Sureclose for our office.  We have been pleased with Sureclose and the functionality the system provides.  The level of customer service our agents are able to provide to the consumer, agents, lenders and title companies both in the office and remotely is priceless. Sureclose has the ability to be used via smart phones and iPad as well as conventional laptop and desktop computers.  It is able to be utilized acrossed mulitple platforms as well.   We were able to customize templates to use with  the general real estate transaction as well as the relocation busines and short sale business we do.  As a local user, we are able to answer questions that area brokerages may have about the system.  Please contact  Rebkeah Snipp 832-814-6120 or via email rsnipp@century21.com if you would like to discuss in more details. 

  • For a single-broker office, $350 sounds high, vs. $500 for an unlimited number of agents.  Why not charge on a per-capita basis, instead of charging so much for a very small operation?  In essence, small brokerages subsidize larger brokerages.

    • Actually, the steps required to setup the Transaction Management system will essentially be the same, whether you are a single-broker office or a large multi-office firm.  Once your transaction template is customized, you can easily copy the setup to additional offices.  Honestly, in our initial negotiations, the setup fee was proposed to be a flat fee for every company.  However, we recognized that some companies might prefer to work more independently during the setup phase and as a result, we developed a lower priced option for the setup fee.   If you change your mind during the setup phase, you will always have the option to upgrade your implementation service.

  • Sounds Great !! What about incorporating emails seeing how this is the means of communicating in order to document what is taking place during the transaction???? Is there a place for this??

    • Valarie, yes absolutely you can save email in Sureclose.  If you send an email from within Sureclose, a copy of the email and any attachments will be kept inside the Sureclose system as part of the transaction file you are working on.  Additionally, if you have lots of email in a third party software such as MS Outlook, you can export those emails from your software and import them into Sureclose.  If you have just a few emails, you can simply forward them to your personal @Sureclose.com email address and they will automatically appear in your personal Sureclose Inbox where you can store them as part of your transaction file.

    • Trish, any document you can print can be uploaded into the transaction management system and stored in the transaction file.

  • What will be the long term solution for stored files(a.k.a. deletion after a certain date)? Will there be lifetime storage without a fee? After the roll out, will there ever be a possibility that a fee is introduced for this or our dues will be increased to cover this service? Is this optional or automatic for all members?

    • Bob, transaction files will be stored online for 7 years after the closing date at no additional charge, up to a maximum of 10 years.  You are also able to download a digital copy of the file at any time.  Online storage beyond 10 years may be available for an additional fee from Sureclose.  This service is being included for all MLS firms with no increase in the monthly dues or  fees.  There is a one-time setup fee for Transaction Management which varies based on the number of agents in your firm.  The minimum fee is $350, the maximum fee is $500.  The decision to utilize the transaction management system is strictly optional.  Thanks for your question.

    • Bette, there is a one-time setup fee for Transaction Management which varies based on the number of agents in your company.  The minimum fee is $350, the maximum fee is $500.  Once the company is set up, there are no additional monthly fees, regardless of the number of agents or offices.

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