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The EDGE: Week of August 29, 2011

The Edge: New Seller’s Disclosure Form, New Homestead Exemption Requirements, Weekly HAR Market Stat and More

Click Here to download the presentation.

4 thoughts on “The EDGE: Week of August 29, 2011

  1. Eloise,

    The Edge is a weekly communications product for the sales managers to use in their sales meetings.  This is the format they have requested as it is the easiest for them to display for their agents at the meetings.  If you would like to read the article about the homestead exemption requirements, you may simply scroll up to the top of the page and type “homestead” in the search box.  That will pull up any mention, including the article about the new requirements.



  2. Where is the article about Homestead exemption requirements?  I do not have time for video’s.  Just give me an article I can skim for the pertinant facts.  Believe it or not there are a few of us that can still read.
    Eloise Taylor

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