Client Experience Rating —What Is It and Why Should I Care?

HAR recently hosted a conference of leaders from associations and MLSs across the country, and one of the hottest topics was agent ratings. Zillow began allowing agent ratings on its site about six months ago, and other sites already have ratings posted—most without you even knowing.

Following the conference, we were contacted by numerous attendees to find out about how the HAR Client Experience Rating program works and how we rolled it out to our membership.  With even more attention on ratings, we wanted to talk about this important issue and encourage each of you to participate in the program. You can even start out not displaying the results until you are comfortable. You may read more about the benefits of participation below. Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the HAR staff to help you with any additional questions.

Benefits of Participation
There are many reasons why every REALTOR® should participate in the Client Experience Rating program and display their ratings. Just a few of the benefits for your participation are:

Note: Your client’s e-mail address will NOT be used for any purpose other than this survey. Neither your client’s name nor email address will be displayed anywhere on HAR.com. Only a street name without a street number will identify each client’s ratings and comments.

Your Ratings Will be Promoted to Consumers on HAR.com
If you have opted to show your rating online, your rating will be promoted on HAR.com in the following ways:

On Your Listings
If you have opted-in for the public display of your rating, it will automatically be promoted on HAR.com on your listings.

On Your HAR Member Website
If you have opted-in for the public display of your rating, it will also automatically be posted on your free HAR Member Web site for all your prospective clients to see how great you are and why they should select you to represent them.

On the Member Finder
Consumers who are using the Member Finder feature on HAR.com have the option of selecting to search for those members who participate in the Client Experience Rating program. This allows even more consumers to find you and see the rating and comments from previous clients to help them make their decision about which REALTOR® to engage.

Sample REALTOR® Rating Report

Opting Out
You can also opt-out from participating in the Client Experience Rating program.

If you are certain you want to opt-out from the rating system, consumers on HAR.com will not be able to view your rating or feedback from your clients. Listing-by-listing selected opt-out will not be permitted. If you choose to participate but fail to provide client contact information within 15 days of request, you will automatically be opted-out of the rating system.

Before you choose to opt out, we’d like to remind you that you have the option to participate in the rating system without displaying your ratings on HAR.com.


HAR Communications Dept.

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