Pending Listings on HAR.com

Based on feedback we have received from many of our members, HAR has created a feature within the Members Only Site for members to opt out of displaying their ‘Pending’ listings on HAR.com. In May, listings in pending status were made available on HAR.com.

Members that do not wish to display their pending listings to the public can login to the HAR Members Only Site to manage their ‘Pending’ settings. Login to HAR.com with your username and password. From the top navigation menu, click on ‘MLS.’ From the menu on the left-hand side, under ‘MLS Tools’ click on ‘Pending Listings’.

You will have two options:

  • Display on HAR.com
  • Do NOT display on HAR.com

By default, listings in pending status will appear on HAR.com.


Taqi Rizvi

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